How to download Lost Ark using Free VPN. -

How to download Lost Ark using Free VPN.

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If you want to use your main steam account, you have to make a purchase while using VPN and it will automatically change your location depending on the location set by you using the VPN.

—Do I need to keep my VPN on while playing?
~No, you don’t have to keep it on since you already have the base game.

—Can I top up without VPN after downloading it?
~No you cant, you can use your mobile VPN for easy use and log in into your steam using mobile chorme browser and top up.

—–If I use my other steam account while downloading and have the base game, can I play Lost Ark with my main steam account?
~Yes you can, but you have to activate your VPN while accessing it and close it once it start loading.
“This applies to all steam accounts you have”.

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  1. Sir hindi po lumalabas lost ark sa steam pahelp naman po salamat. nadownload ko na exitlag and followed the steps.

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