How To Download & Install Minecraft Mods in 2022 -

How To Download & Install Minecraft Mods in 2022

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Want to know how to download and install mods for Minecraft in 2022? Well, in this video, we show you exactly how to download mods for Minecraft PC in 2022, how to install mods on Minecraft PC, and how to play Minecraft in 2022 with mods installed. This really is a complete and in-depth guide where we go over every single step of getting mods in Minecraft, so without anymore delay, let’s jump right on into it!

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About this video: Our goal is that after you watch this video, you will know exactly how to download Minecraft mods in 2022 on PC. No matter what kind of Minecraft mods you want, you will know how to add them to Minecraft after this video. We show you where to download Minecraft mods, how to install the Forge Mod Loader in 2022, which is required for Minecraft mods, and finally, how to install mods on Minecraft PC in 2022. We really do cover in all in order to make sure you can play the mods you want in Minecraft.

The first step of how to get mods in Minecraft is downloading them. You can find a few mods linked in the description above as well as link to a list of incredible Minecraft mods that are all updated for the most recent versions of Minecraft. 95% of Minecraft mods are hosted on CurseForge. Luckily, it is really easy to learn how to download mods for Minecraft on CurseForge. Once you have found a mod you want, click on it. On that mod’s page, look at the right-hand sidebar and scroll down until you see the section for the Minecraft version you want the mod for. Click the download button next to the Minecraft mod, and it will begin downloading after a few seconds. You may need to keep or save your mod

Now that you know how to download mods for Minecraft PC, we can get the Forge Mod Loader. This is the mod loader that actually runs the mods in Minecraft. You find a link to our completely guide on how to download and install Forge in 2022. That guide is always up-to-date with the most recent versions of Minecraft. Additionally, it troubleshoots some issues you may have when installing Minecraft mods. We also go over install Forge in this video!

After you have you have Forge, it is time to see how to install mods on Minecraft PC in 2022! To do this, you will need to open up Minecraft with Forge. Start by opening up the Minecraft launcher, clicking the little arrow next to the play button, selecting the ‘Forge’ profile, and clicking Play. You will need to confirm you are playing modded Minecraft by clicking Play again, and Minecraft will open up with Forge. You must use Forge if you want to play Minecraft with mods.

On the Minecraft main menu, you will see a new ‘Mods’ button. Click on that, and there will be an ‘Open Mods Folder’ button in the bottom right. Click that to open your mods folder. To install mods in Minecraft, just drag-and-drop the mods you downloaded into this mods folder. It is that easy. From Just Enough Items to World Edit to Journey Map to Tinker’s Construct, all Minecraft Forge mods are installed this way.

Haven’t learned how to get mods in Minecraft just yet though as when you go back to Minecraft, you won’t see the mods in game. This is because you need to restart Minecraft. Just make sure when you do you are launching Minecraft with the Forge installation as your Minecraft mods won’t work if you don’t launch with Forge. When Minecraft open ups up, your mods will be installed!

At this point, you now know how to download and install mods for Minecraft in 2022 on PC. If you do have any issues learning how to get mods in Minecraft, let us know in the comments. We will try our best to help you out. Otherwise, if we did help you add mods in Minecraft 2022, please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. It really helps us out, and it means a ton to me. Thanks in advance!

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  1. every time I try to open forge in mc it just says that an error occurred?
    can anyone please tell me how to fix this?

  2. Your videos are super helpful. I did run into an issue while trying to get some mods. Any idea why I'm getting a Runtime Error when I click the "Get More Mods" link? Any help will be much appreciated.

  3. When load up minecraft, I completed every step until the point where I need to open the mods folder, the "open mods folder" button isn't there

  4. Jesus Christ just get to the point already

  5. Whenever I launch Minecraft in the version that I want, it just crashes. I have tried multiple versions, and it still crashes on all of them.

  6. my forge isnt in ''version'' either WHAT DO I DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  7. i downloaded 1.18.2 java and 1.18.2 forge and my mods are also 18.2 but when i try to run forge minecraft it gives me a invalid java runtime configuratio. i dont know what the problem is

  8. Hi so I have a question. Idk the difference between a mod and a resource pack. And I'm not sure what optifine is so can someone help me out pls? 🙂

  9. i when im trying to download forge it keeps on opening word and i tried to see how to get rid of it but it says i have to pay

  10. He talks fast enough to be a tutorial and to be understood

  11. Hey! I have managed to do everything shown in this tutorial it's just one thing that's in the way. I go to open the Minecraft launcher with forge, it loads but then stops and says that it has crashed. It hasn't entirely crashed though because the launcher is still open. With the box where you can select the different installation things, it has a warning sign on it. I hover over the warning sign and it says "This installation has been modified and might not support the latest player safety features". I am very confused and I have no idea what I may have done wrong or what to do to fix it. Any help is deeply appreciated<3

  12. forge keeps crashing when i lode it up how do i fix this?

  13. When i open the mods tab it doesn't happear to open the mods folder, can someone tell me what's happening?

  14. 𝚈̷𝚞̷𝚛̷𝚒̷𝚖̷𝚘̷𝚘̷𝚗̷ says:

    This is super useful thanks

  15. is it possible to use forge mods and optifine shaders at the same time

  16. Is this guy trying to make our storage run out? Not hating pretty helpful!😂😂

  17. My client doesn't have the open mods folder what do I do

  18. Hi when ever I try to download forge it doesn’t download onto my Minecraft, and when it’s go back onto Minecraft it automatically puts the newest version of the game as the version of the game I want to play, could you help me with that?

  19. This is for 2022??? This is the same way mods have been installed for over a decade. Where MultiMC at the very least?

  20. does this still work if your trying to do this with a zip file or are there extra steps?

  21. I got a question. Do you know how to fix both Java and optifine from closing immediately? I have windows 11 but I been trying to use optifine but it just keeps closing even Java do you know how to fix it?

  22. Is this the paid version of Minecraft or a pyro copy?

  23. If a mod I download is a mcaddon file, do i need jarfix? Thanks

  24. when i try to install forge it does it as a winrar zip folder any help?

  25. I did this, got every other step correct, but the mods arent showing up in my mods tab on the main menu still. I closed the game, like you said, but they didnt show up when I opened the game again. What should I do to fix that?

  26. Can you please try to figure out how to add mo' creatures mod. I know its super old and maybe it doesn't work anymore, but I can't figure it out and I have no idea if I'm the one with the issue. It is my favorite mod!

  27. I have a problem when starting Minecraft Java Edition. I start it up but it always says 'please make sure you have up-to-date drivers' What should I do because I've tried looking to check that my drivers are up-to-date and they are so, I'm not sure how to get it to work..

  28. I'm having a little issue, whenever I'm downloading a mod from CurseForge, It shows up as a .zip instead of the Java logo one.

  29. i love the way he hops right into it. this is too under rated he helped me SO MUCH. usually i hate long, slow videos but his was perfectly detailed in such an interesting way 🙂

  30. My Mod List thang It won't show up the Open mods Folder The Version of Forge I'm using 1.12.2 with More Weather Mod

  31. When I go to Minecraft launcher and forge isn't there so I follow the steps and I'm trying to find release forge and I cant find it! What am I supposed to do?

  32. Thank you so much i can finnaly play seven deadly sins in minecraft

  33. So mine just download in zip files but ain’t showing up

  34. My mod won't show up in the side though? Any advice on how to fix that?

  35. If you could slow down a bunch it would help because when I try I can find most of the buttons

  36. my game instantly crashes and then tells me the issue may have something to do with my java configuration, I'll list the things I have done as to not cause any confusion
    1. I've made sure my java is up to the latest version
    2. I made sure to play the version i was installing forge for first
    3. I've ran jarfix and still no difference :/

  37. When i install my mod, it downloads as a zipped file. How do i fix that?

  38. I did everything right, and when I put the mods in the mod folder it shows up. I restart minecraft, but it stays in the folder and does not show up in the mods tab, but it does in the mod folder. can anyone help?

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