How to Compress Video Without Losing Quality | Handbrake Tutorial -

How to Compress Video Without Losing Quality | Handbrake Tutorial

Kevin Stratvert
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In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how you can make a video file smaller so it takes up less space on your computer. This way you can place your videos into a PowerPoint presentation, upload it to Discord, or even email it. We use a free and open source video transcoder called Handbrake to compress a video with minimal quality loss.

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– Handbrake Official Web Site:

⌚ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
0:43 Download Handbrake
1:11 Import video
2:20 Presets
3:14 Summary
3:34 Dimensions
4:10 Filters
4:25 Video settings & encoders
7:10 Audio
7:41 Saving preset
7:57 Preview settings
8:30 Destination
9:08 Start encode
9:22 Wrap up

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  1. I was looking for turning like episodes into dvd but cause i turn the files into vob or hmpg2 the file increases to 2 gb and that with the lowest possible resolution, and to be honest 480p is not really a joy watching is it possible to burn lets say 2 45 minutes video with 720p and get them under 4.7 gb?

  2. So practically in 9min53secs we learned that there is a program called Handbreak, and it has many features that all needs to be finetuned before starting the compression. Or use the default H.264 template if you dont know anything about finetuning parameters. Which everybody used since years anyway, right? And people all over the comment section praises this video, that is literally nothing better than a 10min of your lifetime stealer, as it adds nothing to the benefit of you.

  3. Thanks for the video but where exactly do you explain How to Compress Video Without Losing Quality? And once the video is compressed will color grading be affected? does it still contain all the information? thank you

  4. Your presentation was perfectly clear. Thank you for that special effort.

  5. mmmm… Very nice video! I have to compress 4.5GB video, wish me good luck:)

  6. Love your presentation speed. Downloaded Handbrake. When I try to open, a warning message pops up, "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?". It recommends "No", but doing that closes the app! Is there a solution?

  7. Lies, you will still lose quality. You can't compress with out loss.

  8. Hi thanks for the video! Anyone knows if there is a better method for 24 hours long 1080p heavy Videos?

  9. Thank you so much, i was so stressed but this helped so much.

  10. Great tutorial as always Kevin, Question would you be able to do a hands on tutorial on the FFMPEG software the basic
    real briefly would be appreciated.

  11. Idk if its just me bur when i encode, my video gets squished😭idk what's wrond

  12. Is there a fit to disk option in where the video is compressed automatically like in encore to reduce the file size and fit into a 4gb dvd ?

  13. Hi Kevin, This is the best description on any subject I haver seen on the internet. Thanks for the advice.
    All The Best

  14. I have a problem with the aspect ratio. I import a 1920×1080 Video and it changes the aspect ratio to 1:1.48 I can't change to the 9:16 format

  15. thank you, mate, for discover for me this free application! It fulfill all of my requirements!

  16. I tried this on my computer, everything went well, but during encoding, my computer started to heat up, does encoding consume a lot of computing power?

  17. Love the video but any idea why I don't have presets like the youtube presets I see people use?

  18. Very informative and professional. Thank you!

  19. 4:55, when it comes to comparing H264 with H265, you are missing a very important point here, the H265 takes more time to do the work comparing to H264, JUST FOR THE SAKING OF HELPING

  20. Thank you so much. I just watched your video and tried Handbrake. It worked like a charm!
    I had transferred the original tape to CD some time ago. I had to then get an old laptop and copy that to a thumb drive. And now I am using Handbrake to reduce the file size so I can work with it in Canva Pro. Keep the good information coming! Thanks!!!

  21. Kevin you never disappoint, thank you so much.

  22. thank you this helps alot. im trying right now.

  23. Excellent explanation.

    Handbrake is much better than WinX HD Deluxe

  24. Kevin, would you care to offer some hints about using HandBrakeCLI, in particular about using one of one's own presets with this software; I have been unable to do that. Thank you.

  25. Great job! I've used Handbrake in the past… but just upgraded computer and needed a refresher. Your "Preset" explanation was perfect! Using that now! Was able to take 5.56GB to 642mb without (noticeable) loss of quality! Thanks for the help!

  26. Bro, I speak for everyone we appreciate your efforts, you really a big help

  27. Hello. Streamyard only takes 15bitrates. Which is 15000 kbps. Can you tell me what do I do to make it 15 bitrates

  28. This was useless fodder information. Some people have 5 minutes of film on file with a size of 3.7GB

  29. why this guy looks like ai generated wtf

  30. The advantage of using your GPU (NVenc or AMD) for compression is that it is much faster than using your CPU (x264/5) to compress the video by a factor of 10. Though there seems to be a trade-off in overall file size, as the CPU will do better in this regard.

  31. wrong title… it says nothing about how to maintain quality but only explains how to use Handbrake

  32. Copied the compressed files to Open Shot video editor but will not accept. Says it’s not compatible. Can anyone help please. My video files are too big and need reducing before importing to the video editor.

  33. HELP!!!!!!! What is the difference between storage size and display size? When I drop in a 1080×1920, Handbrake (with crop NOT set to automatic) shows on the summary page "Size: 1080×1080 Storage, 608,1080 Display. Why is it altering the size and how do I stop it from happening?

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