How to Check PC Specs on Windows 10 PC (No Downloads required) -

How to Check PC Specs on Windows 10 PC (No Downloads required)

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Do you want to check your PC Specs on Windows 10 PC without downloading 3rd party software? Windows 10 has multiple ways to check your PC Specs. If you go to settings, system and scroll down to about. You can see base information about your PC. Also, you can type in system information on the search bar in the bottom left for additional info. The 3rd way to check PC specs is by typing in command prompt in the bottom left search bar. When command prompt opens up. Type in systeminfo.exe and press enter.

With this information you can check your graphics card name, CPU name, amount of ram in your PC and see your hard drive spaces and additional drives.

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  1. How do I know if my pc is at its maximum RAM capacity?

  2. This is the most useful tutorial thank you!

    100th comment

  3. that isnt specification i want …for exemple how do i know if mine is aero or asus or msi , if is OC or not…
    mine is geforce gtx 1060 6gb and google it have many styles different, small(with1 fan), other big(with 3 fans), other with or without oc etc….i want see more specification.

  4. Awesome channel. How to know what CPU cooler to buy?

  5. but how can i tell if my internal SSD and Harddrive ?

  6. Does anyone know how I can check what series my computer is?

  7. CPU :

    CPU Cooler :

    Motherboard :

    RAM :

    GPU :

    SSD :

    Power Supply :

    Operating System :

    Features :

    AMD Ryzen 3 4100
    Stock AMD CPU Cooler
    AsRock B450M-HDV
    8GB DDR4-3600 (Non-RGB)
    NVidia GeForce GTX™ 1650
    240GB SATA SSD (Up to 500 MB/S)
    450W/500W 80+ Power Supply (EVGA, Corsair, Apex)
    Windows 11 Home

    8GB Of RAM


    6 USB Ports
    is this good?

  8. thank you this is so much help full if you will do like it more you will have success

  9. You are the best. I love this Tutorial! I had no idea and my computer is really loaded, but unfortunately, I have a failing power supply, the fan doesn't work. Thank the Almighty, I have an extended warranty. Again thanks for the tutorial. Just subscribed to your channel.

  10. OMG

  11. bro i just found out that my pc is using a nvidia geforce gt 730

  12. This really helped me in CIT Class thanks!

  13. My first ti ever gettin on soft soft was in 17 man it a whole year to use to soft soft

  14. Strait to the point. Exactly what I searched for.

  15. I think I don't have any GPU. 😭😭.. in the last method there is no GPU option that means I don't have any GPU?…but in second method i saw GPU (Intel (R) HD graphics 4400) is it graphics card or not?

  16. can somebody tell me why i dont have the search bar at the bottom pls, i search for tutorial and they all seem to have the bar included

  17. Literally have great components in my laptop, but it has a Intel(r) UHD 620 😩

  18. thanks i wanna check if my potato pc will atleast be able to run HOI4

  19. this video helped thx so much i found what gpu i had thx again

  20. Your instruction is a magical help for me. God bless you Sir.

  21. thank you for being straight to the point instead of having an endless intro saying the same thing 10 different ways. you are appreciated.

  22. Can I see how much power my computer needs I am thinking about upgrading my pcs graphics card from a gtx 1050 ti to a rtx 3050 but I’m worrying about the power consumption

  23. this man deserved more subs for going straight to the point i will never see someone better than this man

  24. Love this guy already no having to do other stuff before actually doing what the video is about. Just straight to everything and simple

  25. i have a refurbished laptop but it still shows the specs it came with, what do i do?

  26. idk anything about pcs can someone tell me if the AMD phenom tm X6 1045T processor is any good?

  27. Your awesome. Full detail nd slowly so you can keep up.

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