How To Bot Your Place Visits On Roblox (No Downloads, No Extensions) | Place Visit Bot 2021 -

How To Bot Your Place Visits On Roblox (No Downloads, No Extensions) | Place Visit Bot 2021

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  1. If you visit his roblox user, you can see that he has only 500 visits now. This is because roblox resetted his visit count but you can still see he has the 1k Bricksmith badge.

  2. found yo account and it says you only got 500 visits you skid

  3. local TPS = game:GetService("TeleportService")
    TPS: Teleport(Your Game ID)

  4. bro I am Türk And İ cant understand you pls write rety comment

  5. its not working for me it says unable to teleport

  6. wait I cant join the disco server my invite expired but i never opend it :/

  7. damn the pastebin link didnt work even though I followed all the steps 😞

  8. Why there text error like: Can't Teleport you to the lace or something

  9. My man is hyping up a game teleport loop

  10. If I get 50k visits can I make 20k Robux or more? Without premium players

  11. you should do tutorial how to make bots that scam reccomend game on group walls

  12. sadly doesnt work becaues owner doesnt give visits

  13. Guys, for the script, unlock it in this link:

    WARNING! There are lots of people sending scripts in the comment section, please do not trust scripts other than the one above, those may contain virus.

    I am currently taking a break from the internet, so if you have any questions, chat me on discord (probably faster reply.)

    I maybe remaking this video, like it has been a few months you know, and I haven't retried this method.

  14. When I get a lot of visits am I able to remove the script and it will stop teleportong?

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