How to be a cop on gta V[story mode]!!!!/no need for LSPDFR!!!! -

How to be a cop on gta V[story mode]!!!!/no need for LSPDFR!!!!

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heres a tutorail on how to become a cop in gta 5 but if you want to be a real cop
heres the website to download lspdfr:
warning only PC!
atleast i think and thats what they told me
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Grand Theft Auto V


  1. To make the cops friendly become highway patrol

  2. Omg that’s cool that helped me out thanks

  3. can we go to a different garage like Franklin's

  4. Technically not being a cop all you are is changing your clothes and taking a police car still being same thing

  5. Is this a guy or girl talking? I'm guessing girl right? I can hear it in your voice. Very feminine

  6. There is a simple way to avoid other cops being hostile at you, if you select the "Highway patroll" actor instead of "Police of LS" the cops won't agro at you for some reason. You will also have a gun in your holster, witch is not a thing in the "Police of LS" actor. But they will still get hostile at you if you bump into them or somehow make them fall over. They will NOT aggro you when you shoot them for some reason, only when you bump into them.

  7. i do have a better way but that works i guess

  8. ur not really a cop ur just wearing a cop uniform driving around in a stolen cop car that dont mean ur a cop

  9. When I press the middle, it doesnt show Director Mode. Just shows Quick GPS, INVENTORY, OBJECTIVE, BRIEF.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you mate

  10. U can also just go into ur phone fo director mode

  11. Dude just call lester and then you can take the cops away

  12. Hey I can't go to director mode because I did not do story mode enough. Do you know what part in story mode is enough when I can go to director mode

  13. Amazing video 👏 keep up the great work 👍

  14. When I saw this video I thought it was a mod but when I watched it it worked it was not a mod

  15. There's a Vespucci Police Station somewhere, near the beach area. If not a few streets ahead. Good work though, your active and replying/liking comments on your vids. Good job.

  16. Iam just being a cop just to drive around in the police car

  17. Long time know see I’m a OG u 263 when post this

  18. Hello bro good work i never played gta 5 i am a new player if i download gta 5 on computer there will both director and story mode or only story mode?

  19. When he said if u guys want u can skip to the end I was like NO NEVER

  20. Ahh that nostalgia btw that is my old xbox garage😀

  21. Thank you so much for the help and not clickbateing

  22. Man I think I stole the wrong cop car it was a fbi car ;-;


    if you're on ps4 and you still dont have director mode then you either:

    -havn't played storyode enough
    -you're game copy has a glitch
    -or your console isn't up to date

    Any comments saying this is clickbait will be removed from now on…..since i worked hard to try and teach console players an alternative to mods Since MODS DONT EXIST ON PS4!!!! ONLY PC!!!!

    with that said tell me what game ul like me to play next? And check the description if you want my insta!

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