How To AUTOCLICK On Mobile!!📱 -

How To AUTOCLICK On Mobile!!📱

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So I Found A Way To AUTOCLICK On Mobile..
This method is pretty op so watch till the end!!

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  1. Yo get the button you gotta have dwell control on

  2. Does it work on iPad pro 12 inch

  3. Me using this go grind in bloxburg:🥹

  4. For some reason I have to drag it please tell me

  5. I always have it once and then it never tops again. How do I fix that? I’m really confused.

  6. I only have to click it once, but it never keeps clicking anymore

  7. Yeah, don’t do this. It almost got my phone stop.

  8. Everybody is talking about how good he knows autoclickers but almost nobody is talking about how good is he at clutching in bedwars 😅

  9. W big w thank you this made me proud thank you so much

  10. It doesn’t work it’s broken it clicks once 😔

  11. How do I get the button on the side I don’t have it

  12. Every time I try moving and using the auto clicker it doesn’t work

  13. I don’t have button on my screen how do I get that

  14. I will try to explain what is going on. This is not an auto-clicker. It is a repeater. When you setup your gesture for example tape it 5 times. Then when your in the game, turn on (mine clicks the home button 3x) a text square will pop up. Now click the screen 1x for 1 set of 5. If you tap the screen 10x, it will give you 50 clicks and so on. For those of you that saw its locking up you mobile, you clicked to many times either in the gesture part or on the game screen and it will not let go until it finishes all the clicks. If you put in 1000 click in the gesture and taped the game screen a 1000x, well you are going to be waiting. After is stops clicking, just 3x the same button you turned it on with (as noted it’s my home button 3x). I don’t know how many clicks Roblox will allow. I hope this is helpful to you all… 😊

  15. It didn’t show up for me when I joined a game

  16. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    my ipad doesnt have accessability 🙁🙁🙁🙁

  17. I can’t figure out how to make it go fast I have done all the steps😢can you make a part 2😅

  18. ꗃ ⋆ ࣪ . ᴘᴜᴍᴘᴋɪɴ.ᴘxᴛᴄʜ🎃. ‹ says:

    This sadly doesn’t work anymore 🙁 it just creates a dot on my screen instead

  19. I did it but i disabled it on the settings and idk how to put it on again

  20. How do u get that button on the side of ur screen

  21. Ik I’m super late to this video but it doesn’t work for me

  22. It works but it stops after like 3 seconds I need something that doesn’t stop so I can afk bosses

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    note: if your on android you can just download an autoclicker app

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