How to Animate for Free! (Works with iOS & Android) -

How to Animate for Free! (Works with iOS & Android)

Ana’s Animations
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Hope this helps some of you guys, good luck!

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  2. thanks now i can make animations on youtube🎉🎉

  3. Very creative name for the animation

  4. I love your videos ❤️❤️❤️

  5. I use this app a lot for a object show I do with my friend and a lot of people use it to do a object show

  6. Ppl who had a paint app but watched this and got flip clip instead

  7. Love this!

    My old work flow used to be:
    – design characters in software that allows me to export with transparency — i used infinite design for this
    – import in flipaclip
    – move em around, making good use of copy and paste and the various selection tools in flipaclip

    These days i have been drawing on my ipad more than the android devices i had before, so now i do the drawings in procreate — there's actually an animation assist feature that simplifies the work flow. But for more complicated stuff though, I'd still use a combination of procreate+ flipaclip (this might change in november when procreate dreams comes out 😅)

  8. Most cartoons use 4 fingers on their characters hands because 5 doesnt look natural in animation.

  9. I want to animate like that; points at the start of the vid where your character just keep popping out of nowhere

  10. Hello and thank you for uploading this. I learned something useful.

  11. I love the mic-popping like there's a hurricane rolling through your room everytime you laugh 😀

  12. Wait what about Bryson haminations

  13. Sweeeet! Downloading on my laptop to animate. Ima try and have the best time possible

  14. Thank you so much! I'll never forget the random YouTube that taught me how to animate!

    P.S. I'm making a show and you helped me so much

  15. Thanks so much this video helped me out a lot😊

  16. Thank you so much because of you I know about flipaclip

  17. I use FlipaClip and I’m trying to be a professional animator

  18. flipaclip. we dont need you we can animate in ibis paint x.

  19. I like how you made your vids interesting. 🙂

  20. She said if you didn’t know what the undo and redo button does, im seriously concerned

  21. Pls answer can u plssssssssss teach me how u make ur drawing 😩

  22. Is this ur first time on YouTube why r u so awkward

  23. Man, that was really helpful I mean like really helpful worth a subscribe subscribe to her or else🔫

  24. Bro like is there anything else I don’t want to pay to add clips 0:32

  25. On FlipaClip I like animating stick men fight

  26. I’m new to animation and this really helps!

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