How to activate a game key for Ubisoft Connect (Uplay) -

How to activate a game key for Ubisoft Connect (Uplay)

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Learn how to activate a game on Ubisoft Connect by following this quick and easy guide.



If your code is not working properly, please read this page and follow all the necessary steps to get a new key from us.

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  1. I have a key for Homm 3 but it wont work nothing happend lol

  2. I called origin support and they didnt even help me, they spent 20 minutes talking to me to tell me that they could not help me and tried to give me a refund

  3. Where do you find the activation code again? Please tell me I don't know where to find it

  4. Can you play the games you bought on ubisoft connect also on playstation or xbox?

  5. I load watch dogs 2 from epic launcher and it asks for a key but i dont know were to find it

  6. you are a life saver I have tried to find out how to do it thx

  7. I bought game but it says i orderd it and i bought it yestersay and still havent got it

  8. Can I activate my dlc code here for ps5 too? Because I got a 16 digit code

  9. i love to see that u got black flag under ur control makes me happy

  10. if u bought the game on steam, go back onto steam nd click the game u bought, then click the settings, manage, and it should say cd key, took me awhile to find it ngl they shouldve just sent it via email

  11. How do I get a activation key/CD key in the first place??

  12. My dad has been trying to download far cry for him for like a week and i will do It for him cuz of this video Thx he will think that i am some kind of a computer guy

  13. How come I installed the app but it won’t appear on my desktop

  14. How can i put a fking key if i don't see where df it is

  15. Not really helpful for steam… and never really helped me in redeeming my game (Heroes of might and magic 6) so ye

  16. Thx, but i can't write the simbol @, did u know how please help.😔

  17. do i need activation key to download a game and play in ubisoft ?

  18. Video got straight to the point and was easy to understand. Thanks

  19. I literally already bought AC Black Flag on origin and it wants me to put in an Activation Code?

  20. i have problem with far cry primal ,,,, i played it years ago (bough as cd when it first was published) and now wanna play it again with gaming laptop without dvd/cd player and it wont accept the code i have in my physical copy

  21. What this clip does not tell you is that you have to sign in to connect and then sign in AGAIN on game start. Whose fuckign idea was that? UBISHAFT is dead now for me. They can fuck off and die. I wont buy their shit anymore. I am back to not buying their shit. Last boycott lasted 10 years. It will be more this tiem for sure.

  22. Bruh I still don’t know where to find the key

  23. where do you find the key i downloaded r6 off steam and i dont know where to find the key

  24. i got a game on steam and it wont let me play it on ubisoft it ask for a code but the games not even in my ubisoft libary

  25. Where i can fin my activation key u didnt show the most immportant step .

  26. Can anyone provide the far cry 6 cd key please

  27. nice video man! straigth and clear. keep it!

  28. Waste of time, all the information I know, but not what I needed

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