How Microsoft feeds gamepass -

How Microsoft feeds gamepass

Greg Renko
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Gamepass is the greatest gift to gamers, but will Microsoft ever be able to fully satisfy the gamepass beast they created? lol

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  1. His content is so "good" 🤥 he should be a u

  2. Please don’t add hellidvers2 pc and ps4 and 5 can on by themselves

  3. Not sure why the kaiju no.8 ending bugs you so much. Like as if you've never heard happy songs to darker shows before.

  4. If me ea is a bad idea its Satan of gaming

  5. they still didnt feed him enough.

    Wheres my rockstar stuff? ((Gta 5, red dead 2, Max Payne and Bully)) especially with my RGL account linked to xbox?

    Microsoft literally is leaving gamepass as a lack luster streaming service, like a poor starving african kid whos not fed enough of what they need to survive.

    Feed yugioh master duel and Duel links to the creature.

  6. if cod becomes a xbox exclusive in the future i will die

  7. cod is my fave game and playstation my fave console

  8. Bro will still be hungry after he eats rickster game collection

  9. Looks like he just vomitted Arcane Austin and Tango

  10. What do you use to make the guns

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