How I made my own FPS Game - (Without Programming) -

How I made my own FPS Game – (Without Programming)

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Here is my progress so far of creating my own FPS movement arena shooter.

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Mouse Pad – Artisan Hien XSoft XL –
Keyboard – AK33 –
Graphics Card – RTX 3090 Aorus –
Camera – Canon M200 –
Monitor – LG 32″ GK650F –
Microphone – Audio Technica A2020 –

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  1. Noice Thing, can i join your team? Im a unreal noob like you but I know coding and gamedev

  2. Sick vid bro glad to see you stepping up and getting up the ranks my boy i wanna see the best for you homie keep up the good work much love <3

  3. Bro, If you come out w this game i will play it. I dont mean to be demanding but i wouls really like if this game gave off an apex vibe becus i also cant find anothet game so please keep up the wrk

  4. How about an alien cube/mothership, where different factions/teams race to the core of it. The way consists of maze-like interlinked rooms or arenas. So its big big! Maybe it has a f-ed up graphity system, where u cant just run at walls but at ceilings??? sounds cool and trippy to me and like a nightmare to code xDD

  5. The β€œI’m Good!” clip had me DEAD! I’m πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

    Stoked to be going on this journey with you! Glad you’re doing all the heavy lifting for the game dev stuff lol.

  6. I literaly watched that unreal 5 tourney vid probably around the same time you did

  7. Movements looking good keep the effort up i know development is very hard , i loved call of dutys blackout and warzone never really was as fun for me so i started making a blackout style BR and like you i have shut unreal and blender many times and cryied into my pillow its a common thing haha πŸ‘

  8. I always loved your apex vids because like you and I’d assume most of us here, I am a complete nerd when it comes to movement in apex. It’s so satisfying. Before I played apex I was equally obsessed with quick scoping in cod, because well it was satisfying.
    So with that being said I think somehow working quick scoping into your game would be top tier satisfaction. Of course it all depends on what you plan on doing for TTK and weapon balances. I’d understand not wanting a quick on shot sniper easily accessible in the main game (sounds broken) but maybe in a specific game mode? What ever you decide to do I can assure you all us little apex nerds who are sick of the bs will play it.

  9. Have u seen Titanfall 2 frontier defense it's a coop mode 4 players vs ai

  10. wait till he realizes r5reloaded is a thing

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