How I made my own FPS Game - (Without Programming) -

How I made my own FPS Game – (Without Programming)

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Here is my progress so far of creating my own FPS movement arena shooter.

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Mouse – Razer Orochi V2 –
Logitech G Pro Superlight –
Mouse Pad – Artisan Hien XSoft XL –
Keyboard – AK33 –
Graphics Card – RTX 3090 Aorus –
Camera – Canon M200 –
Monitor – LG 32″ GK650F –
Microphone – Audio Technica A2020 –

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  1. long time apex players know that’s apex is a one of a kind. and this gave me hope for another game i would like. Super interested in updates!!!

  2. Haha, best production again! Amazing stuff, can't wait till you figure out the network part, would be nice to see some single player game with this first. 😀

  3. How did you get that running with weapon animation at 4:08 , i've looked all across the internet but i cant seem to find it

  4. You taught yourself how to make a game in about two months. That’s wild. Keep it up man

  5. Hi which laptop is best for running Unity and unreal gaming engines? Which would run to the max specs

  6. is this game going to come to console id love to play it

  7. this is helping me to get motivation to make my own game and i will follow the progress you do props to you keep it up

  8. No other game comes close to Apex

    Titanfall: am i a joke to you

  9. im actually glad that yu see the frustrations of game creation…. but be patient

  10. I'm personally so bored of apex, i haven't played it in a while, but when i got the chance to play it i wasn't feel it. Can't wait for you to finish the game ill defo be grinding it since you care about movement more than apex.

  11. You too inspired me for my upcoming game project like two stars. Both of you guys must meet some day, it could be awsome!

  12. why is lucio from overwatch talking to me about game development? (jk)

  13. Tactical sprint ?

    Bro you have the potential to make something different and This warzone style start dying because of how every shooter game is just another Battle Royale with super hero’s characters or Tactical reloads with tryhard sweaty players , please if you’re reading This try avoiding all Things that makes modern shooter games so bad and make a shooter game that actually fun for everyone for both hardcore and casuals players

  14. i suggest you learn coding, you can't make a good game without coding
    maybe once chatgpt will become a super good coder you can lol

  15. Nice! good luck! will sub to see your progress, 150$ for an apex like style combat system is hilarious thou

  16. i started developing like 2 years ago [technically] and everything i've ever made is just garbage unity projects with free assets. this game is 2 months worth of awesomeness. epic.

  17. maybe start with a GDD or design flow template first?

  18. and a story first so then its easier to create the characters and game? and with your own knowledge of scripting at the least your games would get soooo much more out of it.

  19. bro learned more in 2 months then I did the past 7-8 years😅

  20. Can you make an FPS Innovation Platform?

  21. Please make tutorial about mechanics you made. You did a really good job. 👏🏼


  23. the only thing keeping me on apex is movement. I wonder if mantel jumping and super gliding is possible to put in also your patience and determination is out of this world inspiring

  24. I think a competetive shooter has more headshot damage, apex are constantly lowering it… spawning with lvl 1 helmet, etc.
    Look at it, lvl 2 helmet, lvl 2 armor, a wingman headshot does nothing… same with cod, you dont even lower ttk on hitting headshots (wz2 might be different but in mw2 it is like that), bf always had that, makes it way better for me
    Recoil patterns are nice btw

  25. Omg this has been my dream I would love to try to help I have a competitive rainbow six siege background and halo and apex I wanna one day combine all of them

  26. well, I already got the crying in bed part down. Good to go!

  27. Bro can we add anime graphic like vintage anime graphic to a game

  28. garbage. learn to actually code. this Blueprints is a pipedream.

  29. Mr can you please help Mr Alfa bravo developing combat master because Mr Alfa hiring game developers to help him release the season 2 early please join him and help him develop just dm mr Alfa please I'm begging

  30. You should make a capture the flag like mode but instead of a flag ur capturing blue orbs

  31. Hello, stupid question: you used blender for the 3D modelling, so the unreal engine 5 tools does not have his own 3d modelling software?

  32. I feel like I'm on a similar path as you, but for a different game… 😅 I love this movement and want something a bit similar with some tweaks.

    I was also doing Davies tutorials, any chance you remember what helped you get to where you are now? Honestly any help is appreciated dude!

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