How I Lost My 5 Year Hardcore World By Being Stuck In The End... -

How I Lost My 5 Year Hardcore World By Being Stuck In The End…

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  1. Just drop tnt into it and jump in with a totem

  2. blud just have a friend break the bed

  3. Your world can be saved if you get lunar client, host the singleplayer world, get a friend to get to the end portal, and removing the bed

  4. Bc you are landing on your bed or the items around your bed which means your 2 block high character is hitting the portal. Try breaking the bed or drop tnt when you teleport

  5. Bros gonna continue the legacy of ancient builders

  6. 1. Put TNT through the portal. That's all or get a friend

  7. Woah its hardcore not survival and btw if u die in the end u tp back to the overworld

  8. I know this is fake but i just wanna say this. If this happens to anyone, at that point just use cheats

  9. Use a friend (if you have any) to get the bed and break it

  10. Bro why u need set point when u in hardcore😂

  11. bro really is that stupid and thought we would be too

  12. Call a friend and tell him to destroy the bed

  13. I can tell by the way, Bro built that house he’s capping

  14. Ok this video is fake but if something like this actually happens invite someone to the server or an alt account and break the bed

  15. First off that’s dumb you have no XP levels. You are have survival hearts the end is basically untouched. Also, you could do dropping TNT through the portal or use multiplayer. Find someone to log on if you care about your five year hard-core world so much and you don’t have friends just go buy an account.

  16. Just get your friend to break the bed duhhh

  17. What's with people just outright lying?

    You're on survival genius, we can see your hearts.

    And you could just break the bed and reset your spawn to the overworld.

  18. Technically you can go to ipen to land bring your alt on and waln to the strongholf and destroy your bed then jump into tahe end protal again then you will be back at world spawn

  19. This is definitely hardcore! (Eh, not really)

  20. bruh if this was hardcore just open to LAN and have someone come save you or use essential to host the world or just open to lan with cheats on and tp to overworld if you knew how LOL

  21. If someone joins him he can just break the bed

  22. Ask your friend to join and break the bed

  23. Break the obi towers and then go to the nether and the go to the over world to ur bases cord

  24. Just light a tnt in the portal so the bed breaks

  25. U could have a friend join u and break your bed

  26. Just sneak when you go to the over world

  27. My 5 years hardcore world is gone I died to the warden

  28. Ahhh yes don’t get a friend to get on your world and break that bed

  29. Brig just ask one of your friend to go on the server or your alt account and go to the stronghold and break the bed

  30. Say a friend to came in your world and say to he break the bed easy 😂😊❤

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