How I DOWNSIZE & RE-EVALUATE My Curated Collection | Going Over My Entire Physical Game Library -

How I DOWNSIZE & RE-EVALUATE My Curated Collection | Going Over My Entire Physical Game Library

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I hope you all are prepared for this long video where I go over my entire physical video game collection! Let me know if you go through a similar reflecting process when it comes to curating your own physical game library.

Downsizing a collection can be intimidating, especially with all the fear of selling regret we have to battle with. While this particular annual re-evaluation wasn’t as extreme as it could have been, I think it’s always good to start small and continuously strive towards a collection we feel content with at a given time. We as gamers/collectors are constantly evolving & changing, and it’s cool to see our collections reflect these changes.

00:00 Intro
01:12 Evaluation Process
04:45 PSP
05:35 PS Vita
07:22 PS2
10:03 Nintendo DS
11:36 Nintendo 3DS
21:11 Nintendo Game Boy
21:57 PS5
23:07 PS4
31:20 Nintendo Switch
54:42 Outro

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  1. I recently started purging my collection just like like you did in this video.

    Feels good but some of these games are hard to resell. Even with the demanded or popular ones. And I tend to sell below the market prices.

    I’ll be moving soon so it is much needed.

  2. Finally just got done watching the whole video! Very extensive, exhaustive, and extended look at your collection hehe! Love it! I just have a couple of things I wanted to say:

    1. In my opinion, I don't think you should get rid of games (like Tales of the Abyss) if they do get an upgrade/enhanced version. I think the first/older versions of the games have their unique charm and quality that might not be there on the newer versions of the game. And honestly, given the state of gaming nowadays, there's always a chance that the new version might be not be as good or even worse than the original lol.

    2. If you are gonna replace a game (like PS4 to PS5), I do have a question, are you gonna be able to play them? Because, I noticed, a good chunk of the games that you said you were gonna do this thing, you haven't even had played them yet. I think, (and this will relate to my 3rd point as well) you should try playing those games, and see if these are games that you can sink your teeth into, and it will be worth continuing the experience on the newer hardware.

    3. You had a decent amount of games that you were clearly on the fence on whether to keep or to sell. I would suggest, and this could be a series of videos you can do moving forward, is to try out said games, see what they really are, and, ultimately, make the decision from there. I think, it's good to have that knowledge of having a greater idea of what the game is, and you can make a better choice on what to do with it.

    Keep up the great work as always, Emily! 😀

  3. Great and inspiring content as always! ❤

    I've always been thinking about re-evaluating my collection! But the hardest and probably the most important part is actually PLAY them. Most of the time I feel not motivated enough or just simply not sure which one to play from my HUGE backlog~

    I think I need to develop an organised plan or schedule to play more games but on the other hand part of me is warning myself that kind of play style might take the fun out of enjoying a game…

    So I'm really interested in how you organise your time to play more games while still get most fun out of them without feel like doing homework~

  4. I don't care about Final Fantasy 3, but I didn't know the PSP version plays in English. I own the US DS version, might pick up the PSP version since it is my favorite portable.

  5. I don't know if you care for 3D, but I absolutely love the 3D on the 3DS, I actually bought a New 3DS specifically because of the head tracking for the 3D. I only say this because maybe depending on your interest in 3D and if the 3D is actually good, to keep your copy of One Piece and Conception on the 3DS instead of getting them on the Vita.

    I also want to say even though you didn't mention anything negative about it, there's a lot of negative feedback about Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate. Make sure you atleast play it before you decide to get rid of it. It's not like traditional Castlevania, it's like a 2.5D version of the console Lords of Shadow games. Additionally, while the game has low framerate, it's at least consistent framerate. You won't have framerate spikes/drops, it's consistent throughout the game. Then finally, Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate is an absolutely amazing 3D showcase, the 3D effect is absolutely jaw dropping how beautiful it looks in every instance. 1/3 of the way into the game with the mirror in the background, that entire room looks amazing, but they even made the front of the room(off screen) viewable in the mirror, so the entire room is in 3D and then in the Mirror it looks like everything goes even further back. You just want to make sure to turn the 3D off when you go underwater because the way they did it underwater it is very straining on the eyes(I mean painful straining and it only has this issue underwater.

  6. I’m watching…it may take a couple of days for me to finish. But I'll be enjoying every minute of it. So far it is an impressive collection. You've put in so much effort. Thank you for sharing it with us

  7. Emily this is such a good topic!!!
    I'm in a similar position, I have had games in boxes since moving into our house four years ago 😅
    We are in such a good position now, almost most of the important games have been ported to new consoles now anyway 😊

  8. Another GREAT video! Stay blessed gorgeous 💯

  9. Hearing that dungeon song from Tokyo Xanadu in the background was a pleasant surprise. Lol can’t believe they made a dungeon song that’s so happy and relaxing

  10. Great video and it really makes me reconsider my own collection priorities.

    If you ever get around to it, I can really recommend you give Wonderboy: the Dragon’s Trap a try. I’m pretty biased as I grew up with this series, but it has so much character, great artwork and music and it’s not a particularly long game.

  11. That is quite the collection! Thank you for taking the time to share it with us along with your thought process on how you evaluate each and every game in your collection. I know all too well the struggle associated with tracking down select North American switch releases and the inflated price tags associated with them when they become scarce. Being a collector on a tight budget, I buy games regardless of their region to avoid paying more than I'm comfortable with. As my collection grew, my OCD kicked in after noticing how the games on my shelves didn't have a clean, seamless look, which inevitably led me to feelings of buyers remorse for not sticking to NA titles. So I searched online for a cost effective way to replace the cover art for all of my non-NA switch games instead of reselling them to repurchase those games in my preferred region. My search led me to a handful of shops on Etsy offering the service to custom print art covers for switch games for as little as $6, to as high as $12 (which is contingent on whether you want art on the inside of the cover as well). Since finding the shop I use on Etsy, I have replaced 32 covers (with another 5 on the way); now the collection on my shelves have a much cleaner, seamless look. All this to say that if you're looking to do the same at a fraction of the cost, this is a pretty neat way to do it 🙂

  12. PS5 redeemed YS IX. It went from alright-ish on switch to a game worth experiencing on PS5.

  13. I enjoy listening to you talk about your game library! I had an idea for another style of video you could make: Tier lists. Maybe you could take a series or a genre with a lot of entries you're familiar with and rate them. It could be an opportunity to talk about what you like or dislike about each one and compare them. Stuff like that. Just an idea. I know I would watch 🙂

  14. There are so many games here I would likely never have come across otherwise – thanks for going through each one!
    Also, I need to pick up the PS2 version of SSX Tricky, that game defined so much of my childhood. Companies need to produce more shiny/reflective covers 😊

  15. For Castlevania, the Switch has two collections. One collection has all the classic Castlevanias, from 1 up to Super Castlevania, as well as the Gameboy games as well as Bloodlines and a Japan exclusive game Kid Dracula. Then the second collection has all 3 GBA games as well as Dracula X. These collections are EXCELLENT! They have great filters and emulation, as well as a ton of extras like different soundtracks and manuals, with versions in English and Japanese. I highly recommend them both.

  16. Really appreciate this long form video since we really get to hear your thought process as you go through your collection. You've really opened my eyes in terms of considering how "complete" games are in my collection, especially ones that I played a while ago and may have since had several updates/rereleases. Thanks!

  17. I can’t downsize lol but that’s awesome if you can ❤ great video

  18. Hi 🇷🇺 games good 👍☺️

  19. I see owning video games like vinyl records. Will I actually play this or is it taking up space? I just don't have any room at my current house. My parents always gift me totally unnecessary stuff for Christmas and I end up selling or donating.

  20. It's refreshing to hear a game collector talk about downsizing and getting rid of some games. It seems like most collectors on YouTube just talk about having the biggest number of games possible and I'm not downing people who do that ( I have a large collection myself) but, it's cool to hear a topic that isn't represented or talked about much.

  21. I haven’t watched the whole video yet but what do you do with games you no longer want? eBay? craigslist? trade them in? Thanks 😊

  22. Nice video!

    Whenever i play a game that i dont vibe with i add it to a pile of things to sell/trade. I also find myself favouring switch over ps4, even if the ps4 version performs better so i have a couple ps4 games in my "sell pile" that were released on switch after. My dilemna is when games such as trails of cold steel release the first 2 on ps4 and the last 2 on switch because ideally i would like the entire series on the same console.

    Anyway i currently have a stack of ps4 and switch games that i will probably list on poshmark at some point.

  23. What a great (and relevant) video! I've started looking through my collection and considering pruning some parts of it. I love your approach and will try to adapt it to my own needs. Thanks!

  24. I just found this channel and this video is very helpful! 😄I definitely need to do this with my collection

  25. I really like the process you do to evaluate your collection, I really need to implement this or a similar process to purge mine. Having all generations of Nintendo and PlayStation have been bothersome with the volume especially with how huge ps4 and switch is. So I’ll probably be doing something about it in the near future to free up some space. Great video!

  26. Who says collecting can't be a fluid thing 😀 I mean I sold a lot of retro games to buy more modern stuff. Reason being those games were just gathering dust for years and the new stuff I knew I was going to play them or really wanted too badly. I can honestly say I'm a different person every 5 years , I like to game but my tastes change.

  27. I really love these longer collection videos, always in the background when im achievement hunting on Xbox

  28. 14:16 some advice, Persona Q has an issue with the cartridge decaying. You might want to see if it works.

  29. Thank you for the video :). It’s interesting to see your process of curating your collection.

    I’ve been planning to condense my collection. I was curious about the sell/trade pile, do you have a preferred method/location to trade and sell those items?

  30. You could have at least shown gameplay for each game 🤣

  31. You are changing the games pretty quickly. I barely can see what are you owning. ^^ Also the glare…

    In general you seem very very nervious and uncomfortable staying in front of the camera.

  32. Such a fun and interesting idea for a video! I’m gonna do this with my own collection.

  33. It's such a hard process to decide what to keep, FOMO comes in a lot and there's games you wouldn't typically buy but you don't want to miss out on the cheapest it'll ever be. I tossed some of my cardboard boxes when I moved, kept my Fire Emblem (and I hope Xenoblade, I have the collector's edition for all of them) but as you said in the video, it's hard to justify the shelf space for cardboard. Congrats on the PS5! I LOVED Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart on it, really great platformer. For FF7 Remake I highly recommend going with the PS5 version, the framerate isn't bad on PS4 but the image is much better plus a consistent 60 rather than inconsistent 30s-20s. Plus the Intergrade DLC is only on PS5, so if you do want to play that you need the PS5 version (and it comes with the DLC I think).

  34. This does inspire me to go through a similar process of my own, but I've got that fear you mentioned at the end, where I'm going to regret selling something. That sort of regret was basically the impetus for me to start collecting in the first place, so it's a big hurdle to get over. Long-term, though, my goal is to have more of a curated library than just a MASSIVE PILE OF EVERY JRPG EVER, so I know I need to get started. Wish me luck!😅

  35. I just did this over the weekend. I went through every game I had and asked myself two questions: Will I ever play this? Does this hold any sort of sentimental value? If the answer to both is no, then I pulled it from the collection. I've wanted to shrink down what I have for some time now, as I've gotten older, I just don't have the time to play as much as I do. I end up buying so many games and never playing them because of it.

  36. Really nice to watch this all the way through, and I think it'll be useful for me to think about as I collect more things. Thanks.

  37. I don't really have too many games comparitively, but this sounds like a good idea since I have a few games I know I'll never play considering I have the PS4 version of Overwatch. Though there are a few childhood games that I haven't had for a long while.

    I was stupid as a kid, so a lot of my childhood games ended up going to GameStop, such as all of my NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, and Gameboy games. Unfortunately I have no clue if I'll ever see my childhood copies of the three Kingdom Hearts PS2 games as they were borrowed many years ago, and show no signs of being returned.

    I'll definitely be trying this out, and the bit at the end about the regret of selling games and those belonging in your collection was fairly reassuring.

  38. I really need to do this process too. Thanks for the inspiration! I have too many games like your copy of Assassin's Creed where I got a really good deal, but I know I don't need to keep it.

  39. More of us need to break from the hoarder mindset and embrace the paring down of our collections

  40. I can remember a few years ago I really streamlined my PS2 collection and some of the games that I let go at the time were big heavy hitters (Suikoden IV is probably one of the bigger ones) but I also recall that I played and did not like it. The Ty Tasmanian Tiger Trilogy was another one that I let go for very cheap but ultimately I had never really played them and had had them in my collection for years. In some instances, I think if I own a game for 10 years and don't play it, it's time for it to go.
    I have kind of winced at the price I let them go for now, but I don't regret because I never played them and honestly struggle to remember some of the games I really did get rid of.

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