House of the Dragon | Official Trailer | HBO Max -

House of the Dragon | Official Trailer | HBO Max

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All the dragons roar as one. The #HouseoftheDragon trailer has arrived. House of the Dragon premieres August 21 on HBO Max.

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  1. I wish the cast wouldn't have changed…like GoT…I just can't similarise Milly & Emma… They are two different person to me…If they cast Olivia on Big Rhaenyra,that would have been better. 🙂

  2. Faltan 1 año y 11 meses para que empiecen las grabaciones de la 2da temporada.

  3. Just Don't Prank With Filler Episodes,Next Season.

  4. They should change it name: House of Intersectional Feminism

  5. Game of Thrones was still a good series, but this is really bad. I watched 6 episodes to notice this. This is like watching the family drama of the royal house and the empowerment of women there. The series lacks all the elements of adventure and combat that made people watch Game of Thrones. At the same time, the biggest part of the king's room turned black as if by magic. That's not surprising at all, but the change can be quite drastic compared to the previous series. I don't recommend watching the series unless you like a soap opera of intersectional feminism with nothing else.

  6. Sean Harris as The Mad King when the time comes please.

  7. Had a job keeping up with the repeated change of actors for the same characters.Trying to work out who’s who.
    Think they overdid the white hair everywhere too,especially on black people.But otherwise very entertaining.

  8. daenerys targaryen of GOT is just irreplaceable, nevertheless, this series also looks promising let's watch and find out. 🙂

  9. every time HBO reales one season of GAME OF THRONES world
    the world holds its breath

  10. please don’t let this show crumble like game of thrones

  11. Bring Steve Toussaint back for more Valeryon shows!

  12. I don't understand the hype. Watched the first 5 episodes and couldn't be bored more. Can someone explain to me why it is good? Srsly I want to start liking it.
    So far I can only see: boring story, flat, boring characters with weird behaviour, missing interesting conflicts, lack of variety of characters. All interesting characters, the crab feeder dude and Lady Rhea, just die without any proper introduction or role in the show.
    What made Game of thrones great was the multitude of different characters from different social ranks with different motivations, the wittiness of some of them and the great moves to outplay each other. Random people killing each other without any consequences, like wtf.
    The characters in house of dragon seem not to do any clever moves and whenever they could do something clever to outplay each other they just choose not to.
    I don't see any similarity to GoT except that it plays in the same world.

  13. King Viseres the actor should win the best supporting actor award, his acting skills are superb!!

  14. People condemning Cersei and Jaime for having affairs because they're brothers and sisters but now we all know after watching that the Targaryens also marry each other, siblings, cousins and uncles.

  15. I love how trailer makes it look like Rhaenyra is Daemon's enemy and Alicent an ally, maybe even lover when it's actually vice versa. Well done HBO

  16. This show is an embarrassment to GOT with its laughable power play and weak characters. Young Rhaneyra was so promising and i thought with the combined power of Daemon we would witness something powerful. How disappointing. Plus the fact that Rhaenyra doesn't even become queen in the books and every character's fate is already known. What made GOT so appealing was the fact that we never knew who would finally end up on the Iron throne. It made everything more compelling and nail biting, and every character more interesting. Here it's hard to root for characters when you already know they won't amount to anything.

  17. Has anyone noticed that the trailer's music is somewhat different now?

  18. If you actually start watching it, it's mostly just standing around talking, I flicked through it but it seemed it's all like that!!! Nothing like GOT , not even close . Forget it.

  19. I did absolutely love this season and thought it was great♥️ But ..I did feel like GOT was a step up. The characters, just everything about GOT was epic. And the dragons ♥️🐲 Always epic ♥️

  20. Hi can someone confirm where I can get the original soundtrack to this trailer? It has been changed recently and is not as good.

  21. I think the show might be entirely AI generated.

  22. Freaking love this show! Disappointed I have to wait till 2024 for season 2

  23. The show change the Characters after season 4 was a drastic change.

  24. house of the dragon is legit one of the best show i have ever watched. It kept me intense the whole season. There wasn’t one episode where i felt boring. I give this show a rating of 9/10 because the character changes was hard to swallow but this show did justice.

  25. Liking it a lot, but good grief…if the scenes are any darker we won’t be able to see the actors at all! Lol

  26. Season 1: Tasteless script, tasteless action, tasteless dialogue, tasteless actors… Are you planning to provide pillows for season 2?🤔

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