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Heartstopper | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Love meets doubt. Fear meets joy. Boy meets boy. HEARTSTOPPER, an eight chapter story about life, love and everything in between. Based on the bestselling graphic novels from Alice Oseman.


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Heartstopper | Official Trailer | Netflix

Teens Charlie and Nick discover their unlikely friendship might be something more as they navigate school and young love in this coming-of-age series.


  1. Can they please stop running this ad on every video I play…. please I don't want to hear this in my speakers all of a sudden

  2. this show sucks i swear the only reason these 12 year old girls like it is because its gay

  3. I read book 1 and 4 because that’s all the library had 🤣 so it went from some romance to some heavy deep problems with other characters catching me off guard

  4. Some day my Prince will come for me and save me from this harm.

  5. “Are you gay for him?” NO HARRY, he’s bi for him 💖💜💙

  6. Honestly one of the most underrated lgbtq show imo 🙂

  7. I‘m about to cry… i don’t know how to describe the feelings but it brings me joy and lots of butterflies. Even though I haven’t read the books, i can tell that i will.

  8. Watching from the Philippines…. Heartstopper is such a breath of fresh air. Looking forward to Season 2 and 3…. I hope, really hope it would be sooner rather than later…. Thank you Netflix for this amazing series.

  9. Read this graphic novel 2 years before and now it's a series now. just watching trailer it's like summarising the whole all vol 1234

  10. I didn’t know heartstopper existed until I watched it! Now I wanna read all the books


  12. Just binged this (Hearstopper) and Connor and Jayden (on Youtube) and Young Royals on Netflix. Love all this great representation.

  13. I've watched this show 4 times now and I just wanted to say this has been so helpful to me, and I am so thankful this show filled with positivity and good vibes exists. Thank you for helping me and all of the other people out in the world who were affected by this show. It truly makes me so happy to see positive representation like this. Excited for S2 and 3!

  14. I’m gonna start watching this after I finished the fourth book

  15. "When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy."

    Quote from 'The Prophet' in 1923, and perfectly describing my Heartstopper experience 100 yrs later

  16. How many times i cry when i show nick,s phenomenal personality if i get someone who has Nick personality understanding, caring, loyalty, respecting
    Nick character mindblowing
    Many times i watch the show and crying

  17. never gonna let anyone in anymore, my nick nelson ended his own life while i was asleep, this show is the only thing keeping me alive at this point.

  18. Chapeau¡ This Masterpiece deserves a long 'Standing ovation' FYI It's the 3rd time I watch it and still in love with it 🍃💖❄🦋 Well done Netflix

  19. Such a genius and gigachad move to not show Olivia Coleman in the trailer. A. It emphasized that the stars of the show is the 2 lead, and B. I believe we all almost shit bricks when Olivia appeared on the screen… Likee WHOAAAAAA!!
    And C. They dont look desperate for parading A list actress for publicity

  20. Damn freaks sneaking brjts into every media. It's an agenda! 😂


  22. queens queens queens 👑
    Nick's the bottom.
    holding Charlie's ears. LOL 🤣

  23. One of my most favorite series. Can't wait for season 2

  24. I was a straight guy and I have fallen hard for a gay man. We are now together. ☺️ He had me watch this series and I cannot believe how this story is the same as ours.

    The coincidences are very strange. I also happen to have straight hair parted on the side and he had curls same as Charlie. I also am taller and larger than him. Some of the lines in the series, I have also said at one point like “I wish I had known you when I was younger?” or the scene where Nick googles about his sexuality, I had a moment like that too. It’s like I am watching our life story come to life on screen and I love it so much! Thank you Heartstopper ❤️

  25. Ngl I wished Tao was played by a Chinese guy but at this point what more can you ask for

  26. I just finished watching heartstopper yesterday and i LOVE it!!! oh my God it's super relatable! from the problems, humor, to the romance 😭 I'm a genderfluid gay person and I have a crush on a bi dude + my trans name is charlie so i can EXTREMELY resonate with this series LMAO, I'm really excited for season 2 of the series and really thank alice oseman for good rep ❤️

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