GTA 5 Sheriff Saturday Patrol|| Ep 162| GTA 5 Mod Lspdfr|| #lspdfr #stevethegamer55 -

GTA 5 Sheriff Saturday Patrol|| Ep 162| GTA 5 Mod Lspdfr|| #lspdfr #stevethegamer55

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[ELS] [Reflective] LSCSO (Harris County Sheriff Office) Pack 1.1.0

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New Undercover Police/Sheriff Malibu (R/B-B/B)

Allen Development –

Kuchera Callouts 1.0.2 –

In this Sheriff Monday Patrol episode, we go out and take on the streets of GTA 5 on unmarked Durango!

This Durango is a beast and we have a lot of fun playing around in and around Sandy Shores. You’ll definitely want to check out this new Sheriff Monday mod and see for yourself how awesome it is! Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one!

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Urban Sandy Shores [Menyoo] v1 –

Playing GTA 5 As A POLICE OFFICER City Patrol| Miami-Dade| GTA 5 Lspdfr Mod|

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2021 GMC Yukon ELS Undercover (RnB/BnW, Addon/Replace) 1.0.0

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Playing GTA 5 As A POLICE OFFICER Park Rangers Patrol| GTA 5 Lspdfr Mod|

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GTA 5 Mod Supercars Sunday Patrol| Bugatti Chiron Police | Hot Pursuit Police [Add-On / Replace | Template] –

Playing GTA 5 As A POLICE OFFICER Friday Gang unit Patrol| Dodge Magnum|

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Stevethegamer55 LSPDFR Mod list –
ELS Blaine County Sheriff Add-on 1.0.0 –

[ELS] 2021 Tahoe Blaine County (Orange County Based) 1.0.0 –

[ELS] BlueGhost’s Unmarked Pack 2021 Q1 Update –

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  1. Why you call the insurance company for that truck? You pop all the tires already so it's unroadworthy and hard to drive. You should call tow truck/flatbed

  2. steve definitely would be fired for leaving that evidence unit and poor tactics on engaging those civilians in the middle of the highway as a tactical security unit officer I would wait and hold position until backup arrives then continue my original task which is to get that evidence to its designated delivery point safe and in tact and then to rush to catch up and crash into a civilian vehicle and not immediately go into traffic collision protocol which you would then be charged with leaving the scene of an crash and the department would get sued for all repair cost and medical bills the victim acquired steve also then proceeded to get doughnuts and take a break after all of these violations SMH 🤦🏾‍♂ ofc i know steve has no type of training or anything of the sort and this is just a video game but some realism would never hurt none of this is meant to be taken in a disrespectful way but is meant in a constructive criticism manner.

  3. "Come in, Come in" "Ge the hell out my job" – shopkeeper

  4. can someone help is there a way i can get the care he used in this video i cant fine it

  5. What's sup Steve Another Sheriff Saturday patrol episode lovin it ❤❤

  6. Steve is back with another Sheriff Saturday morning episode ❤ that Camero is looking great 👍🏾

  7. Second 🥈 you are so quickly lucky you guy hi Steve l love your video and the game units 😍 have enjoyed the live stream at 3:00 pm eastern Canada

  8. Yoo Steve are u going to stream today❤??

  9. You guy are so quickly then l just click rhe notifications add-on and everyone so fast cheater 😢😮

  10. i love youre vids youre the best can you make a video of all youre mods please i tryed it out you mods list but it didnt go as planned lol

  11. thank you for another sheriff saturday episode❤

  12. Yo Steve bro you look just like Khalid keep up the good video's bro

  13. yooooooo you dropping nothing but bangers!!!!

  14. this looks like GTA 6 in the swamp to start

  15. Bro r u finna do swat or army or not????

  16. I hope you can update the game soon

  17. Классные видосики, мне очень нравятся

  18. I love your videos ❤😂😢😢😅😊 congratulations

  19. That Camaro is looking really nice Steve
    Thanks for another Sheriff Saturday

  20. waiting on the new version of scripthookv since it doesnt support the latest GTA V update! I cant play with half of my mods

  21. Hey Steve happy Saturday ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  22. Today is my birthday and I have no subscribers😢😢😢

  23. I work at cops get free donuts and coffee

  24. bro for the 1000th time what is the graphics mods plz, the mods list is old

  25. Hey Steve when you test for drugs ur name tag is in the way😂😂

  26. Hi Steve i was wondering if you could make a White Plains NY LSPDFR video thank you

  27. What grapics mod brother amazing grapics

  28. Can you drive the jaguar f type R with the v8 in the next video please 🙏🏻

  29. The car is nice the only problem is that it would look better without the push bar

  30. One of my Cousins use to Manage A 24 hour Gas station/ Convenient store when I was A cop When I would be on night duty we would go there and get Free Donuts, Snacks and drinks because he would work at night

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