Getting Started with Oculus Quest 2 - YOUR FIRST 5 DOWNLOADS! -

Getting Started with Oculus Quest 2 – YOUR FIRST 5 DOWNLOADS!

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The Oculus Quest 2 has finally arrived! Join us as we explain how to properly set up your standalone VR headset for maximum enjoyment. We’ll also break down the first five apps you should download day 1.

Oculus Quest 2 Review:


The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners –

Virtual Desktop –

Blaston! –

Beat Saber –


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  1. How does the headset track your hands without the remotes?

  2. Considering getting one for my wife and I….but we're really old.

  3. I just wanna get home and start so bad right now!!!

  4. Facebook?? That is a deal breaker. I'm NOT signing up for that crap just for VR.

  5. Thank you thank you thank youuuuuu🥺💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  6. I spur of the moment decided to go buy one willy nilly…..but thought I'd look up what to expect before I drop nearly 500$ on it.

  7. Q: Does the account have to be on the same device? Can you sync to any device as long as it has the account?

  8. We getting close to actually being the game ladies and gentlemen. Give it another decade 👆🏾👇🏾👁

  9. hopefully getting this tommorow, thanks for helping me out!

  10. I just got an oculus for Christmas and this helped me a lot

  11. It’s just a gray screen with using controls 🙁

  12. My mom just got me one today Excited to use it!!

  13. Hey is it ok to feel dizzy after you play on the oculus quest 2

  14. Download the app to where. Phone tabket or laptop /pc

  15. But it didnt give me a tutorial it just showed me a code and it wont work

  16. First games i got were onward and ww1 warplanes

  17. Requiring Facebook was the dealbreaker for me

  18. Why can’t I buy games with debit card?

  19. So the 6 games in the back are games you get for free?

  20. so i dont need a computer? *Cries of happines*

  21. What if someone bought the quest 2 and you brake your phone but then your quest comes on the same day and you really have no idea what to do bc you have no friends?? Just sayin will be a bit annoying

  22. How do I get too the parts of the game that are outside the guardian space

  23. I wish they had a ceiling level – I've hit the ceiling fan twice already.

  24. ye no u can jailbreak n avoid getting cucked by the zucc. Did u know oculus quest 2 is planning to remvoe in game voice chat for some applications they already did it with Zero Calibur.

  25. Job simulator its a fun casual game to let you get used to vr especially for people new to gaming like older adults

  26. Dang im watching while i dont have one
    Since they are like 12k to 30k

  27. I cant believe you never mentiohow good starwars is

  28. Getting an Oculus for my birthday in to days 🤪

  29. Seeing a guy wear a face mask while wearing a VR headset is giving me claustrophobia…

  30. Today I tried to get one but I couldn't and I did order one but it failed because it sold-out ill try again tomorrow

  31. Just ordered mine today, gonna be delivered in 2 days, can't wait. What game should i play first?

  32. You don't need a Facebook account anymore, you can sign in with your Google account or just e-mail I think

  33. I just got one today and had set it up so I got Vrchat

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