Games Workshop Just Did The UNTHINKABLE... EVERYTHING 10th Edition Warhammer 40k Is FREE #new40k -

Games Workshop Just Did The UNTHINKABLE… EVERYTHING 10th Edition Warhammer 40k Is FREE #new40k

War Hammer Man Studios
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Games Workshop has Turned a Corner! In Warhammer 40k 10th Edition EVERYTHING you NEED to play is FREE, for every faction!

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Warhammer 40k 10th Edition Free Rules Download

Warhammer 40k Quick Start Download

Leviathan Datasheets Space Marines

Leviathan Datasheets Tyrnanids

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  1. I called CMO games and they said they dont know anything about pre order bonus , can anybody find out more about this please ?

  2. There’s 14 captain entries in the data cards

  3. The only thing that gets me is. I just spent 3 years racking my brain to learn 9th, finally learn it. Now I'm told to forget all that. "No longer applicable." What what whaaat! LOL

  4. My birthday is the 25th and five set is right around that time 🙂

  5. sooo they don't have enough and they are putting some things out prior to appease the masses. they just aren't saying it

  6. going to buy the box from multiple sources, I also bought 2 AoD boxes the price for value is really good for Leviathan even better

  7. Combat Patrol Battle Reports sound awesome. Definitely interested in that.

  8. What about a refund for an instantly obsolete World eaters codex?

  9. Coming back to the hobby – last time I played was 3rd, maybe some 4th – and this seems like the perfect time.

  10. I hope that when they say "we have made a mind-boggling quantity" that means a whole lot, not like the mind-boggling amount of the Lion they made 🤪.
    I'd really love to be able to buy this from my FLGS and not see them sold out to scalpers in 30 seconds.
    Booo for the printed SM/Nids data sheets not coming in the box.

  11. I’m stoked. My old twin clawed kit bashed terminator captain. Is playable. My tactical marines will have bolters removed and replaced with flamers. My retired dreadnaught is a ballistus dread with some storm bolsters wedged in somewhere. My termies are playable. I am 100% sorted for 10th marines wise…. Tyranids is going to need more work though I have a kit bashed malenthrope and a spare toxicrene I’m sure I can do something with….

  12. I think the combat patrol idea sounds great. I hope it's a good system and I hope they replace the crappy ones like Blood Angels and Death Guard. Those are a bizarre set of models, especially BA. Who the hell is supposed to ride in the Impulsor? The phobos troops? Why are there 30 Poxwalkers??

  13. I'm getting at least 1 copy of the box, but I'm extremely hesitant about buying any hardcopy data cards for my armies after what they pulled in 9th. The last thing I need is to buy some cards that are out of date as soon as or right after I buy them (like my Nids codex.)

  14. I bought 2 combat patrol boxes last month (cuz I'm indecisive and they didn't have the 1 I wanted when I first went so I "had" to go back and get it lol) and had no idea Warhammer was changing additions. I got custodes and Thousand Sons. I'm still working on paints so I'm glad 10th hasn't fully dropped yet but I'm hype to get into my first game (and I'm glad everyone is starting on a similar playing field). I would love to see some Combat Patrol battle reports when all the data sheets drop. Thanks for making great content, subscribed.

  15. i just started out and this is awesome, now i dont have to buy all these expansive books and i can just buy models and paint!

  16. new player im starting my snakebite orks soon and im pretty excited

  17. Hope they give us the option of Twin Lighting claws for Chaos, since my World Eaters and Iron Warriors lost literally everything else, I might as well get to use my Lighting Claw Termies.

  18. Can we actually download the core rules, I tried it on my iPad and it only opened a new tab on my web browser. Am I doing something wrong

  19. I would love to see some combat patrol batreps, to see how they match up against each other. You could possibly run it tournament style to see how they fair. I believe there may have been a channel doing something like thay with the old start collect boxes.

  20. Buy em, build em, play with free rules? Excellent. The one and only thing I would change is alternative activations.

  21. Yeah but where do we get the data sheets for all the other factions? I don’t see anything on the 40K page

  22. With the new physical data sheets…

    I can see me having a trapperkeeper full of all my armies' data cards to flip through.

    Replace the codexes with a bulky TK. Lol, sounds about right for me.

  23. Dude I'm so excited! I'm returning from Bout 10 years of not playing. I'm a Tau/smurfs player so you can imagine how excited I am. ITS THE KIND OF PARTY WHERE I STICK MY D1CK IN THE MASHED POTATOES! 10PTS for the person who gets the movie reference.

  24. some people pay a premium to youtube for the sole purpose of avoiding ad spam, it sux when you find a channel you like and in every video they shove freaking ads in your face as part of there video. well wont be watching this channel again

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