Free Windows Live Game Keys Tutorial (No Downloads) -

Free Windows Live Game Keys Tutorial (No Downloads)

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I am not to be held responsible for anything you do with this. This is merely for educational purposes and nothing more. I hope you enjoy this video.

Note: This works with A LOT of games, Say for instance you did it for Gears of War, you wouldn’t have to activate it the same way you did Halo 2, you would go STRAIGHT into the game and have the second activation, just use your Kane and Lynch: Dead Men key, and you’ll be able to play.

Site –

some keys for HALO 2 –














This video is commentary in nature and it’s use and monetization is protected as ‘fair use’ as described in the Copyright Act. Windows 7 is the property of Microsoft and YouTube is the property of Google. I, PureDarkAngelSkillz(Xarioth), am the creator of this original commentary


  1. none of the keys in the description worked ._.

  2. For halo? Again I said these were just a few, strangely sometimes they work for people, and for other people they won't. But i'm sure you can find more. I found these in about 2 mins of searching and one worked for me. If you find some more message me them and i'll add them 🙂

  3. hey would this work for street fighter x tekken

  4. Um no it's too new I'm afraid. It works with some of the older games available 🙂 Street Fighter IV works 🙂



  6. Thank-you 😀 I'm glad it worked for ya!

  7. Well I'm not going to feed people lies… Glad it helped you 😀

  8. shit encountered a problem, what do i do when it says an update is available. if i hit yes the game crashes every time and if i hit no i cant play past the first level. (referring to halo 2)

  9. That's supposed to happen actually, except it is supposed to update your game… Make sure you didn't move it from your default spot and your graphics card can handle it 😮

  10. well it crashes, i restart halo 2 and it says theres still an upadte. ive tried alot of things like changing compatability and running as admin and stuff. and my graphics card is a beast dude it can handle it. lol

  11. C: / Program Files (x86) / Microsoft Games / Halo 2

  12. yea thats where its at i have no idea why it dosent work

  13. Make sure your graphics card is up to date and so on. Or maybe you need to redownload it?

  14. where could i redownload it? and i have an nvidia gt 540m dude i could play about 16 instances of the game an get 300 fps lol. graphics isnt the problem

  15. just go to piratebay and choose a good seeded one :p

  16. can someone please give me a key i will sub all their vids plus i will like all ur vids

  17. can u pleaase give me a code i sub all ur vids

  18. Just follow the tut mate 😀 if anything message me :p

  19. please its difficult with the other language in the site pleeeeeeeeeeeeeese
    i WILL sub ur vids this first time i get to play halo 2 mission 2 please

  20. Send me a MESSAGE on here and I'll send you a key

  21. k can u just post it here thx u r awesome

  22. im subbing most of ur vids plus i will like thm

  23. THANK U SOOO MUCH i searched forever but cant find a key but now thank

  24. try this. KPG72-BFK48-JFH7X-X9DW7-Q4X6T

  25. no it says invalid key tried it 3 time

  26. Why can't you follow the instructions? Idk if that was the code that I got last time and didn't use, so it may not be correct.

  27. thanks anyway is it ONLY for windows live

  28. Yes it is. It works on all the older games.

  29. o ok tanks booof ahhahahahahah

  30. o its ME TANK U SOOO MUCH

  31. its me THANK U SOOOO MUCH

  32. Downloading these games through torrents DO support xbox live, but since most people don't have keys they tell you to make an offline account and play.

  33. Any chance you can get me a key for GOW for windows live? The kane and lynch link isn't there anymore. 

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