Free Riot Points [UPDATED] (No Downloads, No Surveys, No Viruses!) -

Free Riot Points [UPDATED] (No Downloads, No Surveys, No Viruses!)

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The pictures are from satisfied players!

Here are the steps!

1. Click on this hacked link, you can’t get banned OR traced and it will have no penalties, this is a Riot Employer link and is used to give RP to newcoming Riot Members.

2. Make an account. Install the game IF you don’t have it already.

***3. !!EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!! – Play until you reach Summoner Level 10. You can logout and back in as much as you like and you can do it in multiple sittings. Just remember to logout as soon as you reach Level 10.

(TIP: Buy a 3 Day XP Boost from the Store to get you to Level 10 faster!)

4. Restart your computer so all of the files that LoL might have running in the background will be closed and updated

5. Wait at least 2-3 hours. The Riot Games website needs to refresh to give you the updated RP on your account.

6. Log in.

7. Go to the Store and immediately click on the “Skins” tab.

8. Click on your Profile.

Your RP will be added to your account! You will recieve approximately 50000-91000 Riot Points. You will always have enough to buy every champion and most of the time every skin. Enjoy!


  1. Some people say it does some people say it doesnt. Ive been getting RP on accounts like this and so have others. Id say give it a shot.

  2. k so i bought the xp boost and got to lv10. the boost made it so i got my rp in like…. 4 hours. this much rp for this little time amazes me. guys, this really works and i dont know how. thank you so much. i love darius!

  3. Haha. Anytime. I know there is quite a few fake links, so if you want to do it again, I wouldn't recammend going to another one.

  4. This cool. This cool. I dont like paying for things lik this so its nice it works. Thanks. Sorry for English. It is bad.

  5. lol I didn't think it would work. I went and did this a lot but I guess it didnt work because they werent updated?

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