FREE Online Screen Recorder - No Download -

FREE Online Screen Recorder – No Download

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How to use Veed’s free online screen recorder with no download, just a simple browser extension.

Screen Recorder FREE Online:

In this simple tutorial, we cover how to record your computer screen for FREE using Veed’s screen recorder extension. Along with how to edit screen recording footage quickly and easily online.


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How to use a FREE Online Screen Recorder – No Download

Go to the Google Chrome Store and download Veed’s Screen and Webcam Recorder for free. Add it as an extension to your internet browser.

Upon opening Veed’s screen recorder, you will see three options for recording. You can record your webcam only. You can record your screen and webcam simultaneously or you can just record your computer screen.

Select ‘Start Recording’ and chose which window of your computer you want to record. A 3 second countdown will then follow and your screen is then being recorded!

When the recording has started, you can use the pen tool to highlight anything on screen. You can add sticky notes and you even activate a fun confetti effect to celebrate.

When you are finished recording hit the stop button and wait for your file to render. You will then be given the option to ‘Edit Video’, which imports your recording into the Veed online video editor.

Within Veed, you can use the split and trim tools to remove sections of your recording. This is particularly useful if you’ve made a mistake in your recording or you just want to make it shorter before sharing.

When you are finished editing, select ‘Export’ in the top right of the editor and then either download your edited recording as an MP4 or share it directly by copying the link.


Screen Recorder Free Online – Step by Step:

00:00​ Free Screen Recorder Extension
00:26 How to Record Your Computer Screen
01:04 How to use Screen Recorder Effects
01:40 How to Edit Screen Recording Footage
01:55 How to Export Edited Screen Recording
02:14 Outro

Any questions? Ask away in the comments!

Good luck!


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Veed is a simple online video editing platform, perfect for creating social media video content. You can use Veed to crop, trim, filter, add music to videos, automatically generate subtitles, turn podcasts into videos, and much more.

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  1. clicked the above link and the link has been removed.

  2. this helped me so much for my channel tyyyy

  3. Bhai XVAST browser me screen record kesy hoti hy

  4. SCAM! It will let you record, then it tells you that you can only record 10 minutes for free so you need to pay in order to download the video

  5. Thank you so much! worked well for me. LIKED & SUBSCRIBED

  6. Thank you so much! worked well for me. LIKED & SUBSCRIBED

  7. For anyone this may help I click on desktop mode in browser settings to bypass not having a PC to work apps or extensions on mobile tablet or cell.. It doesn't work in this case .. you need a computer 😖

  8. It's free, if you are only making stuff smaller than 250 mb, after that it has it's hand out for rmoney. My channel is making money yet, I can't afford to spend money for this "Free" recorder.

  9. No good, they put a watermark on the video. I almost thought this was it.

  10. Any app for screenrecord with audio like Google meeting class

  11. Added but doesn't work all it ever says is connecting -waste of time.

  12. This website seems REALLY good but i dont want anybody to hear me and just the game audio is there anything i can do to fix that?

  13. i have a pc that only has 32 bit and screen recorders is so hard to find for me because of it and hopefully this works thank you so much.

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