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free online game (no download)

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its a really good game no need to download only if you dont have java


  1. rs gotten a lot better actually uts pretty good now i got banned from it but not the point

  2. it doesnt suck but gets boring and when it does u realize how much of ur life u jsut wasted

  3. yea lol i know what u mean , i spent ages on it then i did everything on it so it got borin, then i realised how much time and money id wasted.

  4. this tells about the game… yo yo yo this game sucks if u like this game u must be a noob… this game has bad graphix and if u play this u are a big fat lazy guy eatin chips and have no life

  5. this game can not get any worst this game sucks

  6. i don't hate this game the reason why i don't play it cause of jagex won't un mute my character all because i say i looking for a gf that it and i sorry and they still did not un muteso hate jagex.

  7. wow suck rs suck every thing sucks. ha ha ha ha. rs suck droped obby because it sucked ha ha ha ha

  8. All the poor kids play runescape lol if they got out and maybe got a paper route or some shit they might be able to afford real games like WoW

  9. world of warcraft is the best game better than runescape but u have to download it !

  10. If runescape sucks than you lick. lol
    Runescape is actualy REALLY good, yo add me its fesis28.

  11. Lolz Nice One Just Because You Dont Like Runescape Doesnt Mean No-one Else Is Allowed To Enjoy Playing It Now Piss Off You Crack Head.

  12. Wow How Old Are You 5? 6?
    Learn To Spell And Get A Proper Education.

  13. runescape hd new update is so cool(awesome)
    so if you shutup that would be nice

  14. i dont believe you ppl….you play this lame game for fun?go play fusionfall or battlefield heroes ..omg it would be shame to play that crap..its so not realistic..

  15. Rofl, playing 10 year old games made by cartoon network. plus that is not how runescape looks nowadays, they upgraded it to hd.

  16. @Danny: erm.. you know runescape is not made for 10-12 year olds? you have ot play at 13. When runescape started it was a game for college students. go to any runescape video statistics, and press the function where you get to look the range of ages that people watch em. It ranges from 14-34. Runescape and WoW are also played by soldiers.

  17. I played rs when i was 6 years old lol,i had like 119 lvl :d if you dont like FF go battlefield heroes,omg ,

  18. i havnt played runescape for like a year because it says The address is not valid

    Most likely causes:
    There might be a typing error in the address.
    If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date.

    What you can try:

  19. if u wanna play rs (the guys that does not hate it) download glowscape,a "runescape" like a private server,on this u can be lvl 160 in 3 hours,and when u begin at money u have 1.000.000 and cool things 🙂

  20. @gangsteriuxxx if you think about it the game is browser based, so it can't have that great of graphics. its java for gods sake. and personally i think if it had graphics like wow(downloadable only of course) or something but still had the same skills and map, this game would be epic.

  21. dude i'm in third grade and runescape sucks. every vid has to have rs in it?!

  22. anyone know any online games that don't need download?!?@!? please tell i quit rs couse it sucks then i started slashscape and it sucks to!!!@!

  23. stop playing rs get a life an get a girlfriend

  24. Did a 6 year-old make this????????????? LOL 🙂

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