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***FREE AUTO CLICKER*** No Download, No Fuss, Easy To Use (AHK GUI)

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Just follow along with the video and you will have your new auto clicker up and running in no time flat.

Here is the link to the PasteBin file:

If you still are unsure of how to run the auto clicker, here is a quick tutorial that will show you how to run AutoHotkey scripts


  1. This is the first autoclicker I made for my channel, I have newer and better ones that have more features. Just go to my home page and look at the second row of videos for the auto clicker that best suits what you want it to do.

  2. Nice! It is possible to make it work in the back ground? Let say while auto clicking cookie cutter… Im doing something else (different program)?..

  3. He said "No download". Lies! He asks you to download AutoHotkey.

  4. Why you guys saying that hes a clickbaiter you don't need to download anything just copy and paste

  5. whats the regular font for notepad i have a different one on

  6. wow so helpful. Guys stop saying you need stuff to download. You can simple copy the text from his pastebin. Good job on that gui!

  7. Can I use this auto clicker in multiple tab?

  8. How do i change it to tight click someone help plz i tried to change all the Lbutton to Rbutton but it turns out to not be that simple XD


  10. Wow!! It actually worked!! Guys, I swear on my life; just download auto hot key. ITS NOT A VIRUS!
    I SWEAR !
    THANKS!! 😀

  11. I am very confused on how to get the window for the autoclicker open i got the link copied but idk how to use it

  12. When I hit run script it just shows me the text

  13. is their malware??? i feel dumb asking this.

  14. Went into this with a bit of skepticism, but I'm rather impressed with this.
    Heck, I might end up making AutoHotkey stuff somewhere down the line.

    Not gonna use this for Cookie Clicker, though. I do that legit. Just using it for more… stupid stuff.

  15. I need an auto clicker to just click and hold

  16. can it be right click instead of left click?

  17. Do you actually need the autohotkey,is it necessary

  18. I did the thing and it went to document and it wont let me do the right click open script is it cause im on windows 10 please help…

  19. You are Amazing. No, you are awesome. Thank you so much I wanted an auto clicker in a game so I can no clip without being banned. Btw auto clicker clicks the gun and it does some weird glitch where I can walk through walls

  20. you liar. you said "No Download", then you said to CLICK DOWNLOAD to use it! I'm gonna have to dislike it until you can make one without a DOWNLOAD button, or any button! that you can just click on the link and then it lets you use it. i really wish you knew what you were doing.

  21. i tried it in bedwars but it didnt worked.I thought it might be not allowed in 1 server so i tried in 5 servers it didnt worked.Then i decided to test it in normal and there also it didnt worked. by doing all the things its sad that it didnt worked 🙁

  22. Fresh link pls! And yeah I need directly this gui script

  23. Wouldn't the developers of that game know that someone is cheating with 15.820 quadrillion cookies?

  24. it wont work it doesnt show the run script or new icon

  25. bro u need to download that thing which my school blocks so it still doesnt work smh

  26. um it says no download why i need to download it if you say i could not download it

  27. so you have to download u lied to everyone

  28. I need a multi clicker like 5 different clicks at the same time

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