FREE ACCESS Modern Warfare 2 Download & ONE YEAR 2XP | COD Staying On Playstation For 10 MORE Years! -

FREE ACCESS Modern Warfare 2 Download & ONE YEAR 2XP | COD Staying On Playstation For 10 MORE Years!

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FREE ACCESS Modern Warfare 2 Download & ONE YEAR 2XP | COD Staying On Playstation For 10 MORE Years!

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0:00 – Introduction
0:57 – FREE ACCESS to MWII Multiplayer Soon
1:45 – Surprise Update Also Coming to Cold War ??
2:07 – Microsoft Deal NOT Happening After All??
3:04 – Call of Duty IS The Biggest $$ For Playstation
4:01 – Hilarious Double Standard For Call of Duty Exclusivity
4:30 – COD Staying On Playstation For At Least 10+ Years
5:41 – Did Microsoft Just Call COD “Irrelevant” ?? LOL
6:23 – Xbox Confirms COD Isn’t Changing Next Year
7:02 – Return of Call of Duty For Nintendo Platforms
7:25 – NO Next Gen Consoles Until 2028 Confirmed!
8:35 – The BEST Place to Play COD is PC.. Save Up $
9:12 – One YEAR Of 2XP For Modern Warfare II Found
9:59 – Closing Statements

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  1. You go on a lot about gaming on PC like console is somehow holding timing back. In many ways that script is being flipped recently. Outside of shortages.. it’s an old narrative.

  2. I think Microsoft ruined Halo, kind of with buying ensemble. Bungee fled Microsoft. Microsoft doesn't leave their developers alone. Microsoft engineers have moved to activision, and I think it's Microsofts idea to have cod on the phone and make a big deal about it because in china you 1 billion people who can only play cod on a vpn phone. Microsoft as a company has been dodgy for 20 years. They help censor the Chinese people. They can't buy cod, doom, diablo, elder scrolls, fall out, mine craft, and so on. It reminds me of when Bill gates made all computers come with Microsoft Software, and it ruined Apple for a long, long time. That broke monopoly laws, too. I don't trust Microsoft. Elder Scrolls is exclusively Microsoft. Sorry, not exvlusive it is owned by microsoft. Anyway, it's a dodgy company, and even their business practises are unethical

  3. I feel like Sony know something we don’t that why they didn’t accept

  4. Microsoft becoming monopolist? Are You serious or just Sony fan? Activision is the only company making games???

  5. The thing what sucks people will move to pc, and that's where MS makes their money. Already Microsoft engineers are in activision. I have a feeling it will be good bye cod like halo. MS makes way more money from software. They barely made nothing from their x box. I give cod a good year, maybe. It’s format is more for computers already from settings to the start of the game. Microsoft just wants the wz, DMZ, and cod mobile. The actual game they will ruin.

  6. Sony has so many exclusive games… idk how their argument on that is somehow valid

  7. People complain about MS acquisition and how it can impact PS players. But Sony do exact same thing with FFXIV, by blocking release on XBOXs and made it exclusive for PS and PC…

  8. Sony major hypocrite’s they been doing exclusive deals forever

  9. Bro dmc would be so cool in 3rd person watching this gameplay gave me that idea

  10. Now is 10 years I thought xbox said cod won't be exclusive never I really would hate to have to play cod on a Xbox controller

  11. If they didn't care about cod why they say only 10 years

  12. I don’t think it’s really gonna matter who owns CoD, but I love that Sony is panicking about Microsoft exclusivity but is making exclusivity’s themselves

  13. I swear playstation doesn't have exclusivity on anything but time exclusives first and some skins that really don't matter I remember back in the og days Xbox 360 had got cod map packs and update a whole month early so Sony just took after Microsoft and let's be real here Microsoft is doing all this to be a bully because they can win console wars in the gaming industry by creating there own games but by being a Monopoly by buying everything image if Sony said we don't want these free skins but we want warzone and dmz and updates be time exclusive instead just saying everyone is bitching at Sony for some damn lame ass skins like seriously it's sad why Microsoft is trying to destroy the competitive gaming world by buying everything out I've never like Microsoft and never will I mean I always owned Sony or Nintendo back in the day I've only had one Xbox in my life and that was a random gift to me I'm just saying what Sony is saying is true because Microsoft broke Monopoly laws back then why do you think Bill Gates became so damn rich/the riches man in the world so quick think about it Xbox has literally been a garbage can since the original Sony has literally always won in the game side of things and Phil is tired of it that's why he's throwing money around right now trying to buy everything it's not just the fans that cause console wars it's the children that are in power at the console power position in Jim or Phil so until they grow up we are going to have console wars no matter what because they get all this crap in there head due to listening to the fans

  14. I mean them making it exclusive would be stupid being that a lot of player come from PlayStation and the player base ain’t juts going to buy a new console and starting over game pointless just to play one game it being an exclusive is them not giving a shit about any community all because they want more money even if it’s dividing a community

  15. i
    was i could glitch the game and unlock orion i would like thet very much

  16. I'm on xbox but I know it would be a seriously bad business move cutting off PlayStation platform from call of duty ™️

  17. *10 years of play station cod exclusives

    Sony: Errrmaahgerrd Xbox will get exclusives and block our players.

    Cod: literally biggest money maker for all platforms

    Microsoft: "why would we kill 40% of revenue to get back at you when the money will line our pockets?"


  18. Should’ve made the 2x for weapons a hour of weapon xp a day is a blessing

  19. After Microsoft admitting the next elder scrolls will be Xbox exclusive I don't want Activision being acquired by them so no keep them independent from Sony or Xbox

  20. And we need new maps! New maps not throw backs new ones! And better operators. And bring back Demolition, Capture the flag, Gunfight and face off 3v3!

  21. It’s kinda funny how people would cry over people paying $70 for cod (if it did go to game pass) but. Game pass costs quite a lot more in terms for a month. If I’m remember correctly. Game pass is 10.99 per month. And if someone enjoyed the game they’d either buy game pass or the game

    P.s although if u have gold it would stack on so it could be 10.99 for 3 years.

  22. When someone brags about what they've done in this game you know it's bollocks and they glitched

  23. What's going to be funny is if this deal falls through Microsoft's going to go through and start snatching up every company they can and I hope they do

  24. I was PlayStation for life, until I couldn't get a PS5. Now I'm Xbox series x

  25. PC is hard work, updating everything all the time just to play a game… Consoles are just easy for the lazy of us lol. Oh yeah and that price…

  26. Man, the FTC trying to block Microsoft deal is BS anytime the FTC’s brought up. They’re doing stupid 💩 nobody’s asking for but the stuff they need to take action on like Disney having all these multiple companies and everything they owned. There’s no problem there right like Disney can own news outlets clothing brands, radio outlets, the food you consume but there’s no problem there. Oh no the FTC wants to worry about this company buying dumb games.

  27. Ps5 a are so easy to get now. So many stores near me sell them

  28. Cmon. You really think we were gonna leave the song ponys without cod? Nah I get that we’re the better console but we’re not messed up like that. Well let y’all keep it for 10 more years

  29. Sony Is going to Buy rockstar games to make it exclusive for playstation only if Microsoft doesn't make it exclusive for COD…

  30. I really think that the only real shift if Microsoft does acquire activision is the minor exclusive content that Sony now enjoys just moving platforms. It doesn’t make practical sense for them to remove cod from PlayStation entirely

  31. Ms will lose alot if PS is out from getting Cod bc once its on gamepass and ps doesnt have cod there goes all there revenue bc pc will be the only platform to buy cod and have to rely on packs to get there revenue its gonna be a BIG L for MS no one sees it bc PS and pc are there two biggest platforms for players to buy cod after cod is free on gamepass for xb

  32. Xbox game pass is clutch, it offers a one time promotion of $1 the first month then 14.99 every month but it comes with Xbox Gold, Ea play, cloud gaming, Apple Music + Apple TV and discounts on other games as well. They do have a cheaper one for 9.99 but it dosent come with Gold or Ea play. I hope call of duty does be added to game pass

  33. Older cods on gamepass is a big w for those games, it'll definitely revive some of the older dead cod games.

  34. PlayStation: Has had years of exclusive modes, operators and blueprints and also has pretty much exclusivity on most Anime, JRPG Games and in the past even big titles like Street Fighter V

    Xbox: Activision will be ours but you will still get the game and here is a 10 year contract allowing you till still get exclusive things


  35. the Microsoft acquisition is air tight. Sony can rile up the FTC all they want, it's not gonna happen. the monopoly claims simply are unfounded.

  36. This the only cod I haven’t seen 2xp weekend 😂😭why??

  37. Sony is pressing their deal so hsrd its not even funny

  38. Every console has certain games with exclusive rights…. So I mean, until you remove that from every game title then it will always be a problem or debate… For example: Gears Of War, Halo, MGS, GTA, COD, hell even Mario so no specific console is innocent. They all do it

  39. Playstation pansies. Hypocrites are so fucking annoying. MS gets themself in good standing to get what they earned, and then Sony complains about them possibly doing what sony's been doing for YEARSSSSS. Actually ridiculous.
    Good video though!

  40. When is the Xbox microsoft store making MW2 for sale?

  41. Please mahn why don't they put plunder to warzone 2

  42. gaming industry literally scared shitless of microsoft acquiring activision, seeing as microsoft is the smallest umbrella company, none of the others can buy any games going forward now then..? you know full well, they get blocked in this acquisition, they`ll be hell bent to prevent anybody buying up game franchises in the future,

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