Five Of The Best Free Spaceship Games -

Five Of The Best Free Spaceship Games

Scott Manley
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Since all the sales are over I wanted to give a shout out to 5 excellent games which you can download and play for free.

Race Into Space
Space Engine


  1. hey guys, sorry for the nooby question but in diaspora i tried every single key in my keyboard but it doesen't launch the spaceship. can you tell me what key is? ya know probably i'm misunderstanding cuz of the pixelation

  2. Um space engine is not free when i go to the website.

  3. The game orbiter 2010 does not exist fake game

  4. *downloads orbiter knowing completely that my phone will become an atom bomb within 10 seconds of play*

  5. Hello guys

    I saw a game like this one, its also a space race simulator but an indie game, I cant remember the name, its also about Nasa and you are having a base and reseach to do, but I cant remember the name. Its not Kerbal Space program, but something else, it was a little more a simulator with real timelines. Can anyone help me find it?

  6. Diaspora reminds me of Eve Valkyrie

  7. Thank you, didn't know about Diaspora. And BSG closed their servers down.

  8. This needs an update, space engine is no longer free unless you use the old version, maybe force feedback games as well?

  9. I’m just here waiting for ksp to download

  10. orbiter 2010, maybe simple rockets 2 is better, not just moon, but also at all planets in the solar system, but the problem is its not free

  11. Space engine planetarium mode: Calm sit back relaxed gameplay

    Space engine flight simulator: Sweating my ass off trying to land on a stupid planet.

  12. Do not try space engine if you your computer is average or below it will look like a slideshow

  13. i posess 3 of the 5 …. Space engine is by far the best in scope of size…. ive wandered around in that game for hours… i have several ships loaded in exploring in real time…. there are mods for it too and tutorials so u can add star wars… star trek ships … its bad ass and i believe over time the developer has alot of plans for it in the way of gameplay… its a long term investment and a work of passion by the developer…

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