Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth on PS5 - DF Tech Breakdown - Quality/Performance Modes + More -

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth on PS5 – DF Tech Breakdown – Quality/Performance Modes + More

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One of the tightest series of restrictions on both time duration and content means that we can’t deliver the full Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth tech review we would have wanted to for this particular embargo, but we’ll be following up with our customary detailed coverage on launch day. For now, Oliver Mackenzie delivers impressions on the content we *can* discuss, along with the final word on image quality and performance.

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00:00 Overview
00:58 Why isn’t this a full analysis video?
01:34 Early game visual features
06:18 Modes and performance
09:26 Sign-off


  1. With every Square Enix release I keep hoping they'll resolve the kinks with the next one, but they keep fumbeling. The teams behind are clearly talented, but I think they're held back by a undecisive managment team. In comparison Capcom is nailing every remake and I feel like they're what Square Enix used to be back in the the day.

  2. Btw, you guys have trouble with how Tifa looks? 😂
    Can't wait for you to cry (again) about Stellar Blade 😂😂😂

  3. Looks like I'll be waiting another year for the PC release.

  4. Hopefully the statement Sony made about wanting to release more titles and exclusives simultaneously on PC at launch holds true and comes sooner rather than later. Having to choose between fairly good visuals and choppy gameplay or inconsistently ok/bad visuals with still not even consistent framerate even only at 60 fps is a pretty poor set of options. Having to wait years for it to come to pc so we can actually play it with an enjoyable framerate and great visuals is genuinely sad.

  5. Wow performance mode is blurry as heck. Like not having my glasses on or something. I thought they were using FSR 1.0 with how blurry it is. But apparently after the patch its nearest neighbor scaling with bilinear filtering lol.

  6. The lightning is awful i'm really sad about that, the game needed 3 more month of mastering the textures & lights this is really sad.

  7. beyond disappointed with performance mode's graphics. Remake's performance mode was a beautiful 1440p. I know Rebirth is much larger in scale but with it being the same engine now truly native PS5, it should look AS good if not better I would have thought.

  8. “We made it look like ass on purpose so we could re release it in 6 months with better visuals”

    “Final fantasy 7 rebirth part 2 interlude prefix”

  9. I thought the PS5's SSD was meant to have resolved the texture streaming issues? It's bizarre how the PS4 textures are back a generation later and looking worse than ever…

  10. Performance mode still looks like shit. What is the point of exclusivity if they can't even utilize it in any meaningful way?

  11. Performance mode looks SO odd.
    It feels more like a 1080P with perfect Anti-Aliasing (something like a Super Sample) and Nearest Neighbor upscaling.
    It stands out a lot and FSR fizzle and Ghosting on top isn't a good look.
    Graphics mode looks really nice to my eye but 30fps is a major bummer.
    I'd really like further improvement on Performance mode. If it is running at higher than 1080p than I sure wish it looked like it.

  12. If they would make the graphics like we saw in the FF16 game it would been 100% 10 out of 10

  13. need them to release the pc version soon , my 4090 awaits

  14. I'll wait patiently for the whole trilogy and then play it for hundreds of hours on my PC. In the meantime, have fun PS5 Guys🫶🏻

  15. 2020 Final Fantasy VII Remake
    2021 Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade
    Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier
    2022. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion
    2023. Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis
    2024. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
    TBA Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 3

    lol the company knows how to do some money grab . I stopped after VII remake integrade anything after just feels like releasing a 70 dollar game over and over for the sake of money . After all these FF hate the company with all these releases come on now

  16. as always another disappointing port and as always ill def wait for PC release as with ff16

  17. Glad I don't have FOMO. I will play this game with all its glory on PC at max settings with graphical enhancement mods.

  18. I'm always so irritated when df talks about resolution and finds super random numbers, like performance mode here hovering around 1152p. what? how? what's going on? is that just a function of aiming for the 60fps mark and how many pixels can be displayed to make that happen? to land on such random resolutions that don't neatly fit or scale into 2160p, 1440p, 1080p, 720p (all the big numbers I know) breaks my brain. how doesn't everything wobble around and tear the visuals apart with such random dynamic resolutions?

  19. Cant argue this game is beautiful in graphics mode, and personally i dont mind the 30fps, when it looks so gorgeous. However makes me wonder: how does GOW: Ragnarok runs so gorgeously at solid 60fps, when the 60fps in FFXVII looks like a blurred mess?

  20. I really wish they had taken the time to upgrade to UE5 when it fully released. I'm no expert with the framework, but I've played around with it enough to feel like this could have looked a lot better in performance mode and run even better in graphics mode. Even using FSR would have been a massive step up.

  21. FF7 with all parts on PS6 will be perfect :p.

  22. Digital foundry worst take is we need motion blur all the time

  23. Hoe does an old game like Assassin's Creed Odyssey blow this away in visual fidelity at 60fps on console 🤷‍♂️🤣

  24. 60fps should be the only option. It's universal & provides a single target to build & optimize for. We would have one fantastic, if not competent, 60fps mode with graphics better optimized than time allows making 2, 3, 4 or X many more modes to try and satisfy everyone in all these different little manners; instead satisfying nobody.

    Sony should mandate 60fps as a base standard. Then gamers could always expect a certain standard of performance on a playstation console. If Horizon Forbidden West can do what it did at 60fps, why can no other studio even match it at 30fps? Incompetence. So force them to be competent. No game looks acceptable at 30fps on a modern tv. Dump it.

  25. this is looking disappointing, why is a new game on new(current) hardware looking and performing worse than the previous game which runs at the same graphical fidelity?

  26. perf mode pre-patch looks a lot better then post, looks really odd…

  27. Not bad. But easily beaten by Horizon Forbidden West.

  28. Why doesn't SquareEnix learn from the failures and successes ? Motion blur on FFXVI was so good, it made the game look perfectly smooth and enjoyable at 30fps (and I'm a 60fps guy). Right now, it seems both graphic modes are plagued with issues, and none is satisfying. I can understand why a game can be too taxing to perform at 60fps with good picture quality, but polish your 30fps mode then.

  29. The insane blurry image is unacceptable.

  30. I played mostly all of Demo(s) in the lock at 30FPS graphics mode, and weirdly found it just as enjoyable as playing FFVII Remake for the first time on PS4. I honestly might continue doing so as I want to take all this in as the highest visual quality possible.
    Also can I say how crazy this is all for me at my VERY late 30s seeing one of my favorite video games of all time in this scope. I never would have imagined this would have actually happened. I once thought it was just going to be Advent Children and Crisis Core at the time. Yet despite any graphical negatives that DF point out about Rebirth, this game (and the pervious entry) have just floored Advent Children's details. it's wild how fast technology has come.

  31. I’ll wait for the PS5 Pro to play this one then

  32. I’ll never understand why anyone would want Motion blur. It’s awful and should always be turned off.

  33. This is why a ps5 pro for performance mode is needed and will play this when pro comes out lol

  34. How difficult would it be for them to slap on a per pixel motion blur option to toggle for 30fps? It's way too stuttery when panning that camera.

  35. I think I’m going to have to wait for the PC version. Makes me sad and I wish Square wouldn’t keep neglecting the PC, but I want my first playthrough to be ideal and I don’t think either mode would be for me on PS5.

  36. im so heartbroken. the game looks so awful. i went and bought a PS5 just to play this game! Graphics mode makes my eyes water with how bad 30 fps is. and perf. mode looks so blurry i feel like i need glasses and have to squint. its unacceptable especially for a SE game which is known for their amazing graphics. it was such a MISTAKE not releasing on PC same day, LOOK AT HELL DIVERS 2!!! Sony is FOOLS, and they know it now! I can not wait to return this trash console to Walmart after playing the game!

  37. The game looks amazing I dnt care what yall say

  38. lol is it really that hard to do a 60fps graphics mode? how many more consoles is it gonna take

  39. Finally had time to give the – updating" demo a go. To be honest DF, for whatever reason you are seriously minimizing how bad the visuals are. To be frank it's another example of questionable credibility in covering a major release when there is likely incentive to engage in that level of misinformation with your platform.

    Beyond the terrible resolution and whatever up scaling they are using making it so blurry, their were more technical issues than I can count. Textures not popping in, low quality assets, some models look completely unfinished, poor lighting and lighting anomalies, and really bad shadow LOD and texture pop in at close proximity. I walked up to vegetation that took seconds to fully load in once standing right next to them.

    If this is indicative of the whole game to come at release, which is likely, then I'm waiting for a great deal of patches before picking this one up. So many aspects of this are visually a step down from the previous one, even the UI.

    Pretty crazy. This needed more time in the oven, because this is just unpolished and the areas in the demo feel unfinished. It's not breaking any new ground or pushing to the limits of what other games have done. Games with much greater detail scope and subsequent performance even on ps4 to be honest. This being the next installment and looking worse is odd, but it also being a native ps5 title progressing from what was in all reality a Ps4 game is pretty bizarre and shocking to see it so rough.

    The gameplay seems like more of the same and all but man, technically this is shaping up to be a mess at launch. What the heck happened here? Why would they show this and why aren't the game journos talking about this?

  40. The graphics mode is running at 30fps but the in game animation is not. All character animation is updating at under 30fps, roughly around 1x – 2x fps only. That's why it looks so lagging when playing in graphic mode compare to Remake. All real time cut scene is fine, only in game animation is problematic. I believe this is owing to the new "terrain action" where developer updated the animation system in rebirth which make animation not updating in time. Hope digital foundry can look into it.

  41. Why are consoles still not able to confidently render games at 4k at 60fps? This is embarrassing tbh

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