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February Full Moon Madness

Greyhawk Grognard
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  1. Off topic: Longtime no livestream.Are we at moonset for the madness? Has Blackcat come and stolen this treasured channel feature?

  2. Re: wanting to see Gary's original pre-schism outline… that does sound fun. I'm not sure how majorly different it would have been, except for the world-shattering ending. Even in Dragon 100, Gygax commented on Gord becoming a "deposer of deities", so it could be Tharizdun was destined to die at that point.

  3. Finally got to the end of this. As ever, you throw a good Full Moon party. I enjoyed the Gord books as a teen, though I'm slightly more discerning in my tastes now and really wish the editors had taken a little more time with the last few; lots of contradictions and questionable rationales. Doesn't stop me from rereading them every half decade or so, to tease out one more gem of Gygaxiana to add to campaigns. Re: Tharizdun, I didn't mind the portrayal we saw of him in the novels, but in retrospect since WG4 focused so heavily on the literal darkness aspect (the weird rock in the cavern area which allows everyone to see in various shades of black is fascinating) it is slightly disappointing to see Tharizdun focused on conquest and destruction and not, for instance, the elimination of light or the elevation of darkness. Ah, well.Your take on the EEG matches my own; I will say that my impression of the Oerth Journal interview with Gygax was that it was a non- canonical take on the interviewer's questions rather than trying to be an official source… my impression as I got older was that Gary winged it as much as the rest of us and that his answers in cases like this (or like the "deposed" Baklunish God (from the same article?)) was along the lines of "Sure, that sounds like a good idea" rather than, "That's totally what I had in mind!"As ever, keep up the good work, friend.

  4. Love those books. My favorite was when the heroes picked up (unknowingly) a lone, Male Assassin from the Horned Society. He took on the party outside of Stoink, wielding a spear. I think Curley Greenleaf finally struck him down.

  5. I'm having some connectivity issues. Hope its temporary.

  6. Hearing you loud and clear! Good morning!

  7. Hate that I missed the live feed. Life got "interesting", but it's all good now.

  8. Please tell me there won't be a Elric tv show. It's certain they'll screw it up.

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