Faster Internet for FREE in 30 seconds - No... Seriously -

Faster Internet for FREE in 30 seconds – No… Seriously

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It’s not clickbait- this actually is a quick, easy, and free method to make your internet faster- no matter if you’re on a Mac or PC, phone or desktop! Just change your DNS to Cloudflare’s

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  1. Please Linus tell me how to download more RAM to play minecraft

  2. Bruh abdallahsameh your stuped 60 minutes is an hour

  3. Metric butt-ton is now an actual measurement.

  4. Why is this video long 8:42 if it is says we can do it in 30 seconds?

  5. my download speed went from 45mb/s to 239mb/s

  6. I expected him to know the diferents betwen internet speed and dns lockup time

  7. when LTT are highered to spread Western propaganda…

  8. Linus u still giving out those PC bundles I'm in need of a PC build for my school work and gaming

  9. nuts, did this today works like a charm – germany btw

  10. bro why is this guy making a 30 second trick soooooo stretched

  11. So faster internet = choose a better DNS provider? why did I bother.

  12. I set the dns but then it was showing no internet. What to do?

  13. can you explain how to set up fast internet for free in 30 seconds ? I don't know how to set up DNS

  14. went from 835mb to 880mb but my ping went from 2ms to 5ms ill just keep my regular settings

  15. As the owner of a Cybersecurity Services Provider, moving to Cloudflare has more benefits than just speed. If one uses the provider's DNS server, the presented search results can be manipulated due to ad purchase and control by the provider. This is a big part of their revenue stream. Be careful with DNS over HTTPS until the security of it matures.

  16. i tried this, my internet broke after this and had to get evrything replaced

  17. I give you no chance Linus as i ended the video early 😂

  18. I’m already using it (my internet is still doodoo 💀)

  19. After switching to Cloudflare/OpenDNS, you can run your own local DNS server to resolve your queries within 4ms. Just make sure to use it to fallback on another DNS.
    You can also use IPv6 DNS, and sometimes DNS over SSL

  20. I've read some reports this can affect some geoIP results.

  21. I rigged up 2 antennas on my pc wi fi card and placed card in the PCI slot of the 2nd slot for gpu so my speed is double of up to 5ghz instead of 2.4ghz. My wi fi speed is awesome and with a wider range of finding dozens as in double of dozens of access points.

  22. This was made five years ago as of this writing. Is this still useful information or outdated?

  23. who else is here because they saw a meme of that guy's most liked comment in this video?

  24. I am to get 800 mbps, but I only get around 25-300. I've been fighting with the company for over a year about this.

  25. I just started watching Linus recently. Seeing this older video, with no beard, is a little disturbing. He looks 16. 😂

  26. am i right in thinking this wont change the upload speed? or does it help that too?

  27. Wouldn't the title be more " Faster Site Retrieval" then Faster Internet? Redemption Time ver 2 incoming?

  28. "Privacy" is just a word they use for "ur data is somewhat protected from other scum – so we can sell it to highest bidder 'encrypted'". – sure 🌈🌈💉💉😷😷👨‍🎓👨‍🎓🤮🤮

  29. I tried it on my iPhone works alot faster thank you

  30. YOOO IT WORKS (Please release my family)

  31. damn now I can play roblox three times as better!

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