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Exposing Tower of Fantasy…

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Things Tower of Fantasy doesn’t want you to know.
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  1. I find it very funny how they are able to do all this but also manage to present the game in the worst possible way what a way to go lmao

  2. damn they just stealing is tower fantasy even a real game

  3. It must be really hard for an Asian mmo to be globalized, have major qol with an anime style, have plenty of playable content, a freemium model, and be somewhat be in good standing. Alot of Asian mmos tend to miss these features. Heck even Lost Ark despite it having decent numbers of players is kinda starting to fall off. I really wanted this game to shine, then again it is owned by tencent. That was a flag the whole time. Literally the only reason I'm interested in this game is because it Genshin but mmo.

  4. Hey Stix when will make a video about Dark Nemesis too , it stole the whole Lost Ark asset lmao

  5. Tbh.. characters, storylines, trailers etc. are not much of a big deal.. too many others games out here copying each other. The problem is always with the in-game mechanics, gameplays, maps and so on… hope they don't fked up

  6. With all the copyright/plagiarism that this studio did and for you to say that you want to still play it as a content creator seems absurd. From a stand point of drama and content for your channel it probably would be good, however on the moral side it would not. what if someone made a carbon copy of your channel and posted everything you did? would you except that and support it?

  7. So this whole video is just "plagiarism bad"? yeah.. i don't care and I don't know why others do. If the game is good / fun to play I really couldn't give a shot-glass of spunk how much of it was stolen.

  8. I’m just excited for it to come and best of all my favorite part of the game is that you get to customize your own character also I’m excited to wait for the updates of echo aria in punishing grey raven

  9. "most popular game ever" alright man I'll admit genshin is extremely popular but not that much.

  10. Tbh I don't care if they copy from other games. The game looks good and by far better than genshin or honkai… I play for gameplay I could careless about story mode or clips of the story. I don't worry about that I have my own life and story within my life to watch a stories on a game when I just want to play… play…

  11. Genshin got bombed to 1.8 stars on app store and just couple days it went back to 4.1?? That's lame to me but people still play genshin.. Who cares about reviews all the games do that.. at this point it feels like you're talking down on the game and targeting it when other games same shi

  12. How about talking about genshin and honkai that take up a massive amount of storage on your phone it being a whole open wolrd but you can't really do much in game and got to play it casual with all that spacing being taken up?? How about talk about them that their development is ass cheeks and they have been out for a long time.. unlike TOF that just been around for a little bit..

  13. Honestly idrc abt the whole stealin' sht. As long it delivers fire & fun game. But if they ain't idrc either. Many ppl has been pirate almost every game and blablabla anyway. Thats just hw the world w livin anyway

  14. Since first i know ToF just genshin ripoff. Personally i have low expectation for ripoff game. So yea just gonna play this just if i have free time. But genshin will be always my main game until something better come out.

  15. 然后就被op头子搬到了bilibili,加上私货字幕带节奏了是吧。

  16. This is why mmo gaming in general is at a crushing point at this time. Either you like the few mmos successfully out now, or you ignore the obvious ploys for money. From Anthem to Tower of Fantasy. This trend will never stop, so long as money is being made. The results, excuses, and faults, do not outweigh the net income being made.

    I just like classics at this point. Future gaming is turning into threading a needle.

  17. Isn't the trailer news like 5 months old? Why bring it up?

  18. This is all old news and was covered by other channels before. this feels like it was a view bait video especially when you make 20 videos hyping it up then just expose it way later using the same info thats been out there for months.

  19. I'm here hoping pso2ngs just gets to a decent state.
    Tower of fantasy always felt cheap for me.

  20. actually can't wait to play a game that copies genshin but isn't genshin.

  21. Welp after all this stuff made my interest of this game non existent. I hoped they are better than mihoyo, turned out they are as bad, heck maybe even worse. Now its Blue Protocol waiting room.

  22. Strike 1: Potentially "stolen" asset. Could've been a slap on the wrist, but then they tried to gaslight and shrug off blame. Your game, your marketing, your responsibility.
    Strike 2: Ripping off an existing trailer for sequencing your own. This was likely an animator that was tasked with creating the trailer. Why would they though? I've never met an animator that wasn't a perfectionist. They love their art, and the idea of plagiarizing another work is an extreme personal shame. I see two possible reasons why, and they could even both be true. Either the animator was overworked and needed quick inspiration and largely copied it, or they did it out of spite for their managers knowing they would take the flak for this, or both. In either case, the reason it happened at all becomes systemic. Not passing the blame off here, the animator indeed plagiarized and likely lost their job for it, but the reason, the root of why they did it likely remains in the company.
    Strike 3: Ripping off reviews from another game to artificially boost their rating. This is a direct order from management. Nobody in marketing would do something like this without being told to. If management cannot be trusted, then the systemic problems this distrust creates just cascades down throughout the entire production. It is undoubtedly likely that this company is worse that miHoYo, and will hard milk the players of this game worse. I'll keep a hyper critical eye on this one. F2P = I'll at least try it, but the moment I feel the pressure to gamble for waifus with real money = I'm out.

  23. its not even the same sword WTF is your porblem mmobait xd

  24. It should be noted that long before ToF was released. Its producer Perfect World had a video-making studio whose BiliBili channel called "次元研究" (literal translation: dimension research). They once made a video about why Genshin Players are called Genshin Pu**ies. In this video, you can see how much they contempted Genshin Players. Ppl thought they might just be an independent channel. However, ppl searched this studio in company registration list on the relevant authority website and found it was 100%-owned subsidiary company of Perfect World. Later on, they abandoned this channel. There used to be a lot of Genshin players looking forward to the release of ToF, but since then ppl really doubted if they made all their effort to making this game.

  25. I'm really thinking what should I say here, but in a lot of cases I'm glad I read the comments most of all. I'll try the game if I have the time, I don't think the trailer is that bad, but there is still its own mix of it. I find it difficult to think of new things to add, when more and more animations are just gonna get copyright for being similar to each other. I wonder how many years from now, we are going having all the trailers, and you can't make a new one fearing that the one you make already exist from other trailers long years past from it. I find it in the grey area, but still passable (in the trailer).

  26. I could care less if they stole assets or copied another trailer. Not everything can be “original”

  27. I can not and will not support a company like this and no one in this community should either. Let it die. They don’t deserve it.

  28. Gacha players are fine with the game stealing their money and they're surprised when they start stealing assets lmao

  29. Anyone know the name of the background music?

  30. Man, Copy-Paste Gaming is strong in this game… Too bad I was about to quit Genshin for this… I guess this isn't the "Genshin Killer" we're expecting.

  31. well uh if the game is fun i will play it. whatever drama the company gets involved in, it's their problem, not mine.

  32. kazuma: STEEEEEEEEEEAL!!!!!! ah wait no konosuba its hotta studios, stealing and covering is the way of life at the most chinese games but its funny 😀 what is it now a useless fake of an failed mobile game or a big new nice mmo for pc or a big fake? i hope i can test it anytime and find it out if its only a 5minutes game or anything for longer 😀

  33. At the end of the day, if you want to play, play it. If the issues in the video don't affect your opinion on the company and don't shake your desire to play the game, then play it. But the bugs are the most serious issue potential players need to be wary of.

    If you want to be safe, be absolutely free to play for at least 2 versions. Keep a careful eye on YouTube reporting like this, and make sure you actively make the effort to search for bugs and glitches on both YouTube as well as reddit. As MMOByte said, bugs in a game are to be expected, but bugs that can completely inbalance the game depending on if players abuse them or not is a big red flag you shouldn't give the company a single penny. Any gacha game or game with in-game microtransactions needs to be fair across the board to all players.

    Also be sure to keep your eyes peeled about security issues. Even Genshin suffered massive issues after it launched where people were having their accounts stolen and it was up to the community to spread the information for content creators to cover their User I.D. when showing footage of them playing, and it took miHoYo almost a full year to finally add two step verification. Even the big games have dark history where players and their accounts can be at risk.

    I personally was accepted into the Tower of Fantasy beta as well, and i am curious to play it. My only concern though is that I mainly play games for their story, and a customizable silent protagonist makes me think your player character will be even more removed from the narrative then in Genshin, which is already quite annoying. I'm curious to see how Tower of Fantasy's story will attempt to help players feel connected to the narrative. I know story is less important to Chinese players, who are typically more concerned with character design and combat, but if Western players can't connect with the story the game will not perform well overseas. A game doesn't have to have the best graphics and combat system to be a gacha and succeed overseas, it just needs a really good story with a great cast of characters. Look at Romancing SaGa Re;UniverSe after all!

    Anyways, there's my hot takes on the topic. Great video!

  34. I’ve honestly learned to stop caring about stuff like this and just laugh at it. Getting mad over stuff like this is just gonna drain my energy and make me wanna die

  35. This game is gonna communicate even less than genshin i feel like. So even though i was hoping to playing, i ain't even gonna bother

  36. Not tht deep idc just want something to play other than genshin

  37. Anyone trying to make this a genshin killer on release will be highly disappointed. Genshin attention to detail for a mobile game is unmatched and probably will not be for a few years. Genshin is a game that broke the bar by a huge margin. This game looks great too but nowhere near as polished. But tower of fantasy has everything I want that I wish Genshin had such as focus on coop, customizable characters, cool weapons etc.. T

  38. Honestly the game looks more like pso2…Just go play pso2. 😌

  39. This must be why they have delayed the closed beta launch till 17th April?

  40. It doesn’t play like Genshin impact. Genshin has no assist tag, no weapon change, no air combat, no slow distortion, less weapons etc.

  41. Well this is a shame to hear. Was hoping that ToF would be an actual genshin competitor. Not just to maybe play myself, but to force genshin to be better through competition….. welp.

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