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Exposing Tower of Fantasy…

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Things Tower of Fantasy doesn’t want you to know.
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  1. I rlly didn’t care about the sword thing I just want this game-

  2. The only reason that I wanna play this game is because I can combo in the air, and I dont end crashing down to the floor like in genshin. I dont like to be forced to play ranged characters if I don't want to. Other than that I agree with what you said stix

  3. Quite frankly, even with all their faults and mistakes, I'd like to give it a go upon it's initial release, (Yes, I know I shouldn't be in terms of the moral majority) because I really want something different and I guess more diverse. Genshin can be there for exploration, and games like these can be here for a mix of that and combat.

  4. Tower of Fantasy's attitude towards art creators is disrespectful. They disqualified the author for violating the creation regulations, but the author's work did not violate the regulations but kept it. What's more, they found the author and gave "they very much" Like", "They look forward to more work from the creator"

    It's hard not to think it's a default result, and I'm disappointed in them

    In fact, you can learn from BILIBILI that Tower of Fantasy has many problems, and only a few of them are mentioned in the film.

  5. just why…….i was looking so forward to the closed beta. i even got the invitation….but they are straight…..i cant put it kindly. DIsgusting, I clearly will want to play the game. i did sign up. but this better not happen again.

  6. Until I gain respect for the devs back I won’t spend money on the game or recommend it to my friends till I see behavior that is acceptable for a game with this much potential

  7. this type of stuff is why i havent played an mmorpg since new world tried it then got screwed over by players using glitches to become infinitely rich or impossible to kill on control points, honestly only hope left is if microsoft can fix WoW. they started catering too much to those who had less time to play. so those who dedicated far more time still had the same progress as those who played far less. especially in raiding.

  8. shoutout to the cn players who continued to call them out

  9. Why'd you say Genshin Impact is the most popular game in the world? What's your sauce for this lol

  10. i was so hyped for this game, goddamn my expectations couldnt have been lowered more. even if the game turns out to be fundamentally good, i have now 0 faith when it comes to all the practices that can make good games bad like, mostly things related to monetization and p2w stuff.

  11. so this is the genshin impact killer game? nah bro look at the gameplay, even far from exciting gameplay, but maybe they can improve on their global launch

  12. This only proves me more that this game may die soon once released globally. Even blocking Europe out of the Closed Beta is just very discriminating… We have just as much right as NA to try out the game! Thanks for ruining my hope Hotta Studio! Probably won't play the game now adding these issues…

  13. As graphic designer I can tell that most of my clients just notice the changes they made to a design, everything what they wanted and needed, and not the entire final product.

    So yeah, this always happen xd

  14. Man.. that's disappointing.. =.=

  15. Copy of a copy 🤣 Kinda hypocrite especially it's Genshin a crappy copy of Zelda. I've seen MMORPG dying from this dupe glitch from a top guild balcony. This game looks more original than Genshin. Anyway if the gameplay is good gamers don't care about drama. No honor among thieves.

  16. Bruh this game isn't the competitor of genshin but rather competitor of MLBB in terms of copying lmao

  17. I just noticed that the pink-red haired girl at like 12:37 in the vid. It was similar to Amber's burst in genshin. Idk maybe it's just me 🤔 but regardless this is a very informative video.

  18. Idk a lot of company’s have fake ratings and I never look at them. Also saying it’s stealing it’s not like Genshin was innocent there were rip off nier fighting stance and movement along with the weapon floating and disappearing. Everyone called Genshin a BotW rip off, but I still enjoyed the game. Genshin is considered an indi company idk the people behind tower fantasy but im assume it’s the same thing.

  19. Jack-EXZoltジャック・エグゾルト 【VTuber-EN】 says:

    Granted Honkai and Genshin have Devil May Cry attacks and animations, they are at least done by hand and are animated with it as reference. Not to mention Honkai is basically Hoyo's Evangelion fanfic turned game.

  20. never trust chinese games.. please stop supporting gacha games… there are way better games u should play or mmos

  21. Those comments stole from genshin is like: I love tof! I just got Ayato in 10 pulls!
    And the funny thing is that these comments always got a comma and a full stop at the end 😂 (,。)

  22. If u see that even chinese people are mad about their games then it's over for u no matter how u see the situation is

  23. This all cool and all but at the end of the day your still gonna play their game so why does it matter

  24. just because something is somewhat similar doesn't mean it's a ripoff

  25. Just got an email that I’ll be able to play the CB later this day, tried to get a little more infos about this game and now this…wow 😭

  26. And I was hype for this…. That's unfortunate…

  27. This was eye opening, if they treat players like that then i'm not giving them my time.

  28. If that's what keeps the game running 🤷‍♀️

  29. 8 days later, “omg the beta is almost coming out!”

  30. That's why I'm happy to spend money on Genshin but not other games. One creates new arts that push the boundary of the genre while the rest can only mimic (poorly) what already exists. Looks like no free 5* for genshin players any time soon…

  31. The problem is that these publishers are not interested so much in making good games but rather just venture capitalists. Their primary aim is to maximize short term profit and would chase after whatever has been proven to be successful rather than breaking new grounds.

  32. I don't understand why tons of people are disappointed
    The moment that Hotta Studio is Made by Perfect World Games should've been a huge red flag enough to set your expectations very low

  33. genshit and tower of mid accept Barbie dream house

  34. im highly disappointed, the whole honkai drama thing that happened a few months back I let that slide because people make mistakes and its ok to take inspiration other games but this is way too much and the fact they cant own up to it is kinda sad they always have to use an excuse or flat out ignore what they are getting called out for

  35. Lol that's hilarious!
    A Chinese bootleg of a Chinese bootleg.

  36. I'm suprised people noticed it now….the whole game felt like a genshin clone before it even came out.

  37. Yikes. I had high hopes for this game.. oh well. I'll wait for Blue Protocol instead!

  38. To be fair the 2nd trailer could be pure Chance.

  39. I just played the game for 30mins. As a Genshin player, the similarities are uncanny and are definitely copied from Genshin. But funny how the gameplay didn’t feel as satisfying as Genshin. I find the UI design also extremely hard to use. Hard to find what you want to find. Very small and busy UI. Cut scenes are quite meh comparing to Genshin.

  40. The fact 90% of you will still play this game and support its creators says more about you then it does about them.

  41. honestly couldn't care less about what happened with the trailer. it looks like the game play will be fun and that's all that matters to me.

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