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EVERY Pokemon Game That Never Left Japan (30+ Games)

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We reveal our research into every Pokemon game America never got, including games such as several Game Boy Advance GBA exclusive titles, a sequel to the Pokemon Trading Card Game, some bizarre Japan-only Pokemon titles on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS and more!

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Research/Writing by Dazz & Greg
Additional Research by Dr Lava

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  1. The Beena was not released in Mexico jejeje

  2. Till this day, Ronald's theme is one of the best pokemon game music of all time

  3. I hate so called collectors who just sit on ROMs privately

  4. Imagine being so full of yourself that you refuse to make a game rom public lmao. I hope the guy gets a takedown sent his way for being selfish.

  5. I'm not surprised that Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure, for the DS, didn't make it on the list as that game came out in other regions except for North America (and other Asia regions). Fans believe this game could've localized over here, but I had my doubt at the time, due to how smartphones and tablet devices were so popular in the early 2010s, the game might reach a low sale.

  6. The first pokemon GBC game also had training mode in the form of repeat battles for free packs at the professors lab with several of his assistants, so idk why it was notable that the GR Dan Sanjou! title had it as well, because it was nothing new, they just gave it it's own menu this time. It was the SAME MECHANIC. Also, ya'll totally failed to mention the Japanese title by name, any references within the game itself, and basically just read the box summary it sounds like. GR stood for "Team Grand Rocket" or "great rocket" and this game was one of the first, if not the first of my cartridges I ever ripped onto a rom as a fresh script kiddie. a whole 2 minutes spent talking about basically nothing of note from 3:15 to 5:30 lol
    DYKGaming, you guys are usually on par with your research, what happened?

  7. That dude keeping the Fishing Rom lowkey is a huge fuckin asshole. Literally that douchebag kid who makes you watch him play videogames.

  8. Honesty the Pokemon Mini only exists for the same reason the Playstation Pocket does, copying the Dreamcast memory card. Is even more ridiculous in Nintendo case because they already had a portable system that was quite popular.

  9. The bounty is now 2000 dollars my goodness

  10. Why was Pokemon Tretta never mentioned? The arcades are available outside of Japan, sure (but not in the west), but the 3DS accessory was only released in Japan. Also, the arcade game itself is really fun.

  11. "The last game to feature Jynx's original skin color"
    > game is monochrome

  12. “Ash, Misty, and Brock’s other Pokémon”

    You mean Satoshi, Kasumi, and Takeshi’s other Pokemon,” right? I mean if it’s Japan-exclusive software, it’d be the characters’ Japanese names, so… 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. Oh my I have to see that pokemon mini commercial again ^^

  14. I've played several of the games on the American e-Reader card releases, can the Japanese cards be scanned into a North American e-Reader and played on a North American GBA?

  15. Pokemon Mini Tetris is rare and valuable now? I got two copies of the European release pretty cheap several years ago…

  16. I played an english translated rom of the pokemon TCG 2 a while back. It's still really good. Dark charizard deck is really fun to use, but blastoise deck remains heavily overpowered.

  17. 1:30 get out my head get out of my head GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!

  18. You guys didn't mention the Japanese exclusive arcade games! One of them even has a 3DS "Home Version" that iirc can communicate with the arcade game.

  19. 14 min in, what's this song? I know it's an arrange of that one track from the hoenn anime but anyone know from where ?

  20. The spin-off I loved was pokken tournament and puzzle league

  21. The Japanese Pokémon Blue was never mentioned. It was only released in Japan, the west pokemon red and blue uses the graphics of that game and pokemon that usually where received by trading such as Mr Mime and Jinx could be caught in the wild

  22. Can you run Sega Pico games on a Megadrive emulator?

  23. Wow I never realized there are so many garbage Pokemon games lol.

  24. Being that sad millennial in the US that actually had a Pico as kid lol

  25. man I would love to go to a place like pokepark,, sounds like fun
    Also interesting to find a popular kids toy akin to leapfrog around :0

  26. Lmao I had a Sega Pico as a toddler. I was probably about 2 or 3 when it came out but I distinctly remember that purple, yellow, and turquoise hunk of plastic like it was yesterday.

  27. Trading Card Game 2 is also fun because the opponents on the second island have deckbuilding requirements that you have to meet (like having at least four pikachu in your deck, or having only type of energy). It was a welcome change from the first game, where you can just make a single good deck and steamroll everyone with it.

  28. Tfw a 3D Pokémon rhythm game released during gen 6 had better animation than modern mainline Pokémon games 💀

  29. I remember reading about the exclusive mystery dungeon games. The sega pico is interesting too. Probably could of been an idea behind like actual drawing/gaming tablets of nowadays

  30. Private collectors are the scum of the earth, right under CEOs who don’t pay living wages.

  31. That mystery dungeon PC demo has to still be installed on a PC somewhere. Here's hoping it's found!

  32. This isn't a knock on the narrator, but man… he sounds bored. lol It's kinda funny as I learn more about the Franchise.

  33. I loved the TCG on the Game Boy Color, so I was really disappointed when it didn't make it across the ocean. 🙁

  34. imagine if you did a video on pokemon bootlegs, that'd be insane

  35. I remember getting into Pokémon Mini roms. That togepi is awesome haha. Pokemon Tetris is really good too

  36. This is a great episode. I love seeing al these weird games!

  37. Interesting that DYKGaming did not note that Iwakuni actually features in all releases of the Gameboy Color Pokemon Trading Card Game videogame. Nice to finally have context to what I always assumed was just Nintendo being weird.

  38. I wish TCG got another Sequel. Cause that game was so nice – love that we got fan translations over the years.

    3:50 Also fun fact about the games – they are the first Pokemon Game that introduced running. Also one of the first who had female protagonist.

    21:20 It is important to mention that when Gen 6 came with cross platform 3DS and Mobile games – we got a new Picross game, that also featured some of those original arts.

  39. 18:47 Honestly don't even talk to me if you haven't speedran Intellectual Training Drill: Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Letters & Numbers Intelligence Game…

  40. Mystery Dungeon is an entire series of roguelikes spanning multiple game series, not just pokemon. When you say that wii PMD game was the first on console you should make it clear it's the first one for pokemon on consoles. The first ever mystery dungeon game came out on the Super nes

  41. I can't be the only one hearing "Pokemon Satan"

  42. I miss the Pokemon Trading card Game video game

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