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Earn free crypto by playing this game

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Thetan Arena is absolutely the best blockchain game because you can play-to-earn cryptocurrency with no investment. You just have to be really good at this game to win cryptocurrency. If you want to learn how to earn cryptocurrency with no money, blockchain gaming is where you should look.

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00:00 Thetan Arena Review
01:17 What is Thetan Arena
04:39 How does Thetan Arena Work
06:12 Thetan Arena Tokenomics
11:39 Thetan Arena Price Prediction
13:57 How to play Thetan Arena

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  1. the devs are into some scammy stuff. they sent their burn coins to an untraceable wallet, and installed bots in multiplayer. I played 1 game and noticed it.

  2. best narrative ive seen so far in crypto, you got a new subscriber

  3. Spoiler alert!! Unless you dedicate 12 hours a day or more, you will not make anymore than a few dollars a day if that.

  4. Is there anyone that earned anything from these kinda games?

  5. so you can't make any money with the free account?

  6. ive been playing and havent earned anything why

  7. Thea ply to earn games seem to complex even for normal gamers. Like crypto is actually taking the fun out of this shit. Who wants to connect wallets and all this shit? Long way to go

  8. here same links great to be lucky win stuff

  9. Dan:This is not sponsored
    YouTube: this video contains paid promotion

  10. There is no wallet if withraw section there nothing like that on thena game is for pc only i download this game in mobile but there is nothing like this withraw or whatever

  11. Definitely want to see what this video would look like with the CURRENT Thetan Arena scenario and token prices lol.

  12. amazing vids man very clear and to the point and helpful!! Just subscribed, now quick question: does this mean if if i don't have a common, epic, or legendary character i won't be getting coins per games won? And if i get a common here, does that mean i will get 303.96$ is i win 50% of the games i played in a day? As in those prices you put up there under 100% win rate, 50% win rate, are they given to me daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or per matches? Thanks man and once again very nice excel sheet!!

  13. I’ve been playing this for like 2hours and haven’t collected nothing from it am I doing something wrong?

  14. How much pay you 1 cent for playing 10 hours
    You are big lier

  15. i am sorry…………………………………………..100$ x hour……how ? from what you said i assume there is not 100$ per hour. did i miss something ?

  16. There's a maximum limit of withdrawals because they need to retain liquidity to fuck you all in the butt in this elaborate ponzi scheme. Good luck to all you poor souls.

  17. That's an awesome idea a good trading system would put you through many days of success.

  18. As soon as I bought hero I keep getting message unstable latency please try again later!

  19. Soooo. Did I waste money on buying a non thcg legendary character or not? I thought I could upgrade him to mine

  20. what do you think about defi warrior game?

  21. Stop scamming and misleading people to waste their hard earned money just so you can up your views on this App. "Free characters don't earn you nothing, only paid ones do" reporting this Channel right now. You gon learn today!

  22. Don't listen to this guy. Rather save your money and use it in real life. Why would you pay $1900 for a character on some App when you've worked so hard to get it. B#&+ FOH

  23. I want to take sometime to thank you sincerely for increasing my bitcoin balance recently know you and your team are really helping the needy in the state.


  25. Did this app only available to earn crypto in North America, how about in Asia?

  26. This is quite informative and interesting, getting into bitcoin or any cryptocurrency investment now should be at the top of everyone's bucket list, then see how ecstatic you will be in due time, But will advice you seek professional advice before going into any investment, to avoid loses of funds.

  27. 1 month too late. Those coins are dead now compared to this vid

  28. When you say you're making $100 per hour, how much did you pay to be able to consistently earn that much. And is that after all the fee's have been deducted or prior to fee's?

  29. And where exactly do they get this currency so that they can pay players? And how does the game make money itself?

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