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Dueling Network-Play Yugioh Online Free- All cards-No Downloads

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  1. computer is giving me error saying that user with email adress already exists,I changed everything password,email and username and it's still giving me error WHAT SHOULD I DO

  2. yes evey card from old school to new school

  3. probaly some one else has hacked into your profile

  4. i cant find the confirmation message anywere

  5. yo man thanks 4 sharing Awesoem your awesome

  6. I wish there was a game like this on the App Store

  7. Its more fun playing this year because there more player

  8. I would recommend TDOANE, its an automatic version of dueling network you can download the game from: tdoane.com

  9. the email registration thing wont fucking send

  10. it wont send me a email registration ethier

  11. Thanks for this I am new to this dueling Network

  12. for those who need help i will explain.. if it freezes up during the part when Yugi jaden and yusei are holding up cards then u need to hook up a speaker,headphones,or any music device. when u do that log out then before h log back in plug hp your music device into an input placement in ur pc system then log in and it wont freezeand u should be able to play. Thumps up so everyone can see.

  13. Lol I pick rock all the time to. My DN name is CelestialShinigami :p

  14. Everytime I put in my email to register, it says my email isnt valid. Then when I register thru the forums it tells me the admins arent taking any new members. WTF?

  15. people everyone who got an account an can't sign in go to email then go to junk it was there for ME!!! im new to this card Ting

  16. You have to pay to play? I keep trying to construct a deck, and it wants me to buy it now, theres no starter decks or "noob" decks so I can test the game out?

  17. that dueling network hipster shit is nothing compared to playing and experiencing Yu gi oh real life.

  18. I wonder how everybody else are able to register in Dueling network successfully except those who are unable to get in because their emails are not valid. Whoever that has successfully registered in, please help us.

  19. This website jacked up people should play ygo pro than this shit


  21. i've registered but how the hell do i begin dueling?

  22. i know the user must make some profit but you must buy all the 40 cards what the hell

  23. I'm curious. When building your deck, some cards have red "not allowed" signs in the corner. What does that mean?

  24. why am I getting a notification for a video uploaded over 6 years ago?

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