Do NOT Download the NEW Talking Angela 2 App...(*SHE IS WATCHING US*) -

Do NOT Download the NEW Talking Angela 2 App…(*SHE IS WATCHING US*)

Lyssy Noel
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Theres a new talking angela 2 app game… and ITS CREEPY!

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  1. I was watching this and i got A talking angela add

  2. I was just watching the playlist and I watched an Angela video when it ended and this one started I got on my Talking Angela ad don't you think that's a bit weird that's never happened to me before😮

  3. I HAD THIS GAME!!!😨😨😰😰😥😥😓😓🫣🫣😮😯

  4. I have this game on my phone don't worry lyssy nothing is suspicious about this game this is an amazing version than the other creepy one. And I didn't get the first question

  5. When I download the talking angela app I see a little bit of the hackers in angela eyes

  6. Angela do it stopping in her eyes he said that I said that pictures that I didn't even pick up on

  7. I love your videos 💕💕💖💓❤💘💋💝💞💚💛💜💙💗

  8. There Is Talking
    Anglea 2 My phone
    AM Do Not App This

  9. Lyssy is so sweet and pretty and cute and sexy ❤

  10. ❤❤❤❤bgkjskfk ha uwu y tijdhh te

  11. Number 1 youtuber🎉🎉🎉😊😊😊

  12. Omg Angela just said shut up Lyssy when lyssy said she’s annoying as always

  13. No i downloaded it 5y ago and nothing happens i just had fun with her!

  14. The new app talking Angela Is not scary I have the game

  15. Lissy i try it at 3ammmm so i was scary because i saw so many scary vidéo but thêta nothing happen ? Whyyyy

  16. Omg i was just watching your Angela vids and Angela Ads Keep popping upp

  17. Hack to be rich in angela 2:unstall angela 2 then wait for 5 year and install and go in ur acc on it


  19. Don't worry guys talking Angela 2 is safe bc the hacker is in jail now and the owner of this game made it safe sooo~

  20. I have that game now I erased the game now I'm going to erase the game on my iPad

  21. I just got a add for talking angela, I think they are watching meh 😵

  22. Talking Angela 2 and there was nothing wrong with it❤

  23. Pls like this lyssy I’ve been a fan of u for 2

  24. Dw guys the hackers are now arrested and all of these angela apps are 100% safe to download!!😊

  25. Wen i find its hackd i delet it
    I only watch the cartoon

  26. Bro, I’ve played it and I and I screenshot it it and plus there was nothing in there so you’re just overreacting🙄

  27. I Don't Think It's Safe To Download The Talking Angela 2 Don't Download The App Of Talking Angela 2 Lyssy Noel There People Are Watching You Just To Be Honest Talking Angela 2 Is Very Creepyyyy Lyssy Noel🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  28. Be sure to subscribe 🥰💖 I’m so excited for a upcoming surprise I have soon! You guys are gonna love it!!

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