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Discord: The Most Evil Business In The World

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Inspired by Visual Venture’s ‘The Disturbing Truth about Discord’

How does Discord make money? There’s a lot more to Discord than you’d first think, here’s why.

Discord’s business model is strange it hardly makes any money, it doesn’t sell a fee or sell user data or so it seemed.. Discord is an evil business and this video will explain everything bad about discord and why discord is bad. Discord is trash because it is damaging society by the way it makes money.
This is the dark side of discord. Which is why in this video will be exploring the dark of discord and discords business model and how discord makes money.

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  1. The title is misleading. I would argue Tencent is the most evil given the information in the video, but that wouldn't have been good clickbait.

  2. Citations, man. The video is well made but you need to show data to back it up. Ironically, this video is all about data. How did you determine that Tencent holds 38% of Discord's shares?

  3. I mean yeah its not good. I dont like china either, but most evil business in the world? Thats a bit much. I mean hell our military industrial complex kills for money and influence, then sells off other countries resources on the side. Id just call discord a shitty spyware business. Id call our military system the most evil business in the world.

  4. Jesus. If you don't want to share your personal data, dont go on the internet. Discord is by far not the MoSt EvIl BuSiNeSs In ThE wOrLd… and stop, for the love of god, stop trying so hard to become a Jake Tran ripoff by calling every little thing evil. The whole world is evil.

    Stopped watching after not even 2 minutes in. Way too many irrelevant stuff on screen, no sources in the description, no nothing? Video is pure hearsay. And currently my Discord app is using up 80-85mb of ram, meanwhile Firefox has over a gig of ram useage, so what?

  5. I love how entitled the US is to think that the congress thing affected the world, like nah fam. We also have shit to deal with elsewhere.

    TAIWAN IS- This message has been censored by Tencent

  7. Damn I bought YouTube premium to escape the ads but …….damn

  8. I wonder why people say china is a communist state. I mean it's obviously not a democracy (single party state) and the ccp does some horrible things but it's also not a communist state. If it would be a communist state it wouldn't have millionaires/billionaires or enormous corporations. Doesn't really change what they do but kind of irks me that people seem to think that if a state is not a democracy it's automatically communist.

  9. Most evil business? Ever heard of Nestle? Ever heard of Boeing and other companies that are profiting from wars?

  10. For someone who knows so much about discord; I find it baffling that you know so little about j6. You could have a lest done you homework on that, because it's obvious you did so with discord.

  11. Curse Voice was a good contender for Discord but Twitch bought them off then killed them !!

  12. Compared to Facebook data collection bruh… idc if they my Facebook profile

  13. Discord glows. I remember people saying that years ago. P

  14. Stupid people with no spines to create and cherish a product , everyone have to sell their ass to China , I can not even think why they don't use more braincells with what's goin on there . Stop being so fucking greedy .

  15. Virgin discord user vs chad xbox live party chat user

  16. Is it their naivety that makes them evil or do they believe that it’s only evil when you’re from the outside looking in and for those that are able to reap the benefits of these actions, they’re actually doing a lot of good in the world? Feels like this is all perspective based. Is China a completely evil country in comparison to us, USA simply because one is democracy and the other is communist? If China doesn’t get ahold of our user info then our own country will and they’ll use it to their benefits the same way they will. It really doesn’t matter at this point unless the masses group up and overthrow these respective governments and implement something more freer. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  17. I love all your videos moon, been a sub since 16k. Slight correction I need to point out is that out of the five dead at the capitol riot, 4 were deemed natural causes I.e heart attacks because they were quite old. The only person that was killed was Ashli Babbitt, all reports of officers being beaten by fire extinguishers and such is just plain false. Love the content brother, keep it up 👍 x

  18. So what messenger was being used in BLM riots? Smh. Why focus on 1 day and simultaneously ignore months of rioting in the US?

  19. What about the blm riots bet they knew about them

  20. Discord: the most evil business in the world, btw join my discord

  21. At the beginning of the video I thought to myself "it's only a matter of time before Microsoft will buy the company and make it disappear into oblivion like they did with Skype" and low and behold 7:0

  22. Oh no, they are sharing my personal information like, like, like…..my e-mail address which literary everyone can find. What a horrible company!!!

  23. So all this video is “US spying good 👍, China spying bad 👎.” This video is stupid.

  24. Thank God my discord chats are 99% consisted by exchange of racist memes and absolutely nothing else.

  25. the ccp reading about how much i fucking rant about miraculous ladybug:

  26. man you kinda overexggarating 🙂 its just how social medias work now they dont particularly stand out as most evil or something

  27. why is the US government cool with this

  28. As much as communism is praised and spreaded in schools and universities, stuff like this proves that it was an error of it's creator and a lie used by the powerful to control the masses. And the best argument people who defend this sick ideology have is freedom of opinion, because they don't know its nature. Moreover, ethically speaking, errors have no freedom. Only what is right from an ethical point if can be accepted.

  29. idc enough to watch this sry bro but I did click to say that whatever it is it's definitely true

  30. IS there ANY way to defeat/foil/stop China?! Is it even remotely possible that this can be stopped? Is it too late? Is now the point of no return and it’s better give up on this fight?

  31. when i created my discord account, a comically large syringe shot out from my desktop and injected me with 20lbs of pig fat and lard making me gain 40lbs

  32. Ok now let's be honest, everything is more valuable than Tumblr.

  33. Great video but you do realize you categorizing January 6th as solely riot's it's because the CCP infiltrated traditional media very long ago and managed to spend the narrative which you bought into Hook line sinker.
    I'm honestly curious, could you be so smart and stupid at the same time or are you simply leveraging the perception of January 6th as you can point to a case of real world consequences?

  34. if Discord made their mobile app better, they would literally take over the world

  35. Foreign politics by USA since J. E. Hoover:
    Find an enemy, blame on it with all your fears, attack, do not destroy it, repeat.

  36. This is a horrible and extremely biased take on this.

  37. Lol so it’s not tik tok the app that’s literally regressing peoples minds back to the point of cavemen, dangerous deadly trends that have resulting in quite a few incidents, as well as assaulters and sex offenders being allowed a place to continuously fuel their putrid desires.

  38. But who cares if china knows where I live what's my age etc? What does china has to do with data of the people? How is that monetary profitable or even in case of a war outbreak since what does data has the civillians has to do with any of it?

  39. ~19:20 You said that fortnite is banned in china because it might give the west chinese data. However,e earlier on, you mentioned that tencent pretty much owns fortnite. How do these two things line up?

  40. My dude, 1 of the best at what he does on yt, I just went and resub just to leave this comment. Keep ‘em coming big guy😎🤘🏻

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