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David Goggins, Strength vs. Hypertrophy, Perfect Minimalist Program & More | Dan John Podcast #200

Dan John
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00:00 – Intro
01:46 – How to Maintain Muscle While Losing Weight?
14:36 – What Book Would Dan Choose If Dan Was to a Read and Review in His Newsletter Again?
20:08 – Dan on Dr. Schwartz’s “Double Ski Pole” exercise and “Long Strength”
23:29 – Where Do Women Begin to Atrophy First?
28:07 – The Perfect Minimalist Program!
33:42 – How Can Thrusters Be Best Utilized in a Strength and Conditioning Program?
38:40 – Dan on Training Like David Goggins, Prioritizing Mental Resilience and Self-Esteem Over Physical Health and Longevity?
43:45 – How I Can Best Train to Improve My Performance for Longer Ruck Hikes?
48:51 – Should You Focus On Strength or Hypertrophy?

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Dan John has spent his life with one foot in the world of lifting and throwing, and the other foot in academia. An All-American discus thrower, Dan has also competed at the highest levels of Olympic lifting, Highland Games and the Weight Pentathlon, an event in which he holds the American record.

Dan spends his work life blending weekly strength training workshops and lectures with full-time writing, and is also an online religious studies instructor for Columbia College of Missouri. As a Fulbright Scholar, he toured the Middle East exploring the foundations of religious education systems. Dan is also a Senior Lecturer for St Mary’s University, Twickenham, London.

His books, on weightlifting, include Intervention, Never Let Go, Mass Made Simple and Easy Strength, written with Pavel Tsatsouline as well as From Dad, To Grad. He and Josh Hillis co-authored “Fat Loss Happens on Monday.”

Dan is one of the original practitioners of the “Kettlebell Swing” in the US and is widely renowned to be the inventor of the “Kettlebell Goblet Squat”. He is the host of the weekly Dan John Podcast; discussing all things strength, kettlebells, Olympic weightlifting and athletic performance as well as doing live workshops, coaching and online personal training.

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  1. You hit on a fantastic point regardless training like Goggins. Once upon a time I was stationed in Hawaii and worked with a fellow soldier who was far and away one of the most gifted endurance athletes I’ve personally known. I asked him what drove him and why he did what he did. He responded that he grew up in a home where domestic violence was a recurring theme. His coping mechanism was to throw his trainers on and go run. Some nights he ran until dawn, when all the drinkers had passed out and it was safe to go home. . . I don’t think he ever stopped running from those experiences. It was a sobering lesson in what can drive people and that a lot of pain can be hiding behind what outwardly presents as greatness.

  2. Hi Coach, your content is like attending the favourite teacher's class. Respect!!

  3. I like the clean and press and pullup idea, but what do you think about adding in a horizontal press? Maybe clean and presses, weighted neutral grip pullups, and weighted dips?

  4. Thank you. I'm newly subscribed. I appreciate your content. There's one thing you said that I am not understanding. You stated that 1 gram of protein per kg of body weight is a lot of protein. I'm not getting this. My weight, at this formula stated, would have me eating 58 grams of protein per day. 3 chicken drumsticks have 65.4 g. A large chicken breast has 41.7 g, add in some broccoli, a small yogurt maybe, or accumulated cream in coffee and you get the rest you need without trying. I routinely get 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight, not kg and that's not difficult to do either. Can you explain? What am I missing?

  5. Hey Dan I began easy strength the other day I'm about 13 pages into it and I have to say I am amazed. I can already see how you guys are teaching the fundamentals and plan to build onto it with all the different variations from them. The pedagogy and teaching is wonderful. As I'm reading GSP Q1 exercises I wish I could be transported back to middle school and taught these from the ground up. Planning to start easy strength workouts tomorrow and will definitely start with gsp Q1 and properly go through them in different cycles before proceeding. At this point my athletic career is long over. Mainly care about being strong and athletic enough for intense weekend sports without injury and health.Might end up having a ton of questions for you lol

  6. Well done coach, always a good listen. Great resource .

  7. I love The Hobbit. Cannot stand Peter Jackson's films. I love the film, the Godfather, I have never read the book, but i did recently watch a programme called The Offer. It was about the production of the film, it was riveting.

  8. Another great one, and congratulations on #200!
    Regarding Goggins, I believe he would agree with Dan’s input full heartedly.
    Thanks Dan.

  9. That clean and press combined with pull-up ladder workout has been my all time favourite ever since I read about it in your book Never Let Go 12-13 years ago. As a matter of fact I'm having my pre workout coffee right now getting ready to go do it. Thank you Dan!

  10. Coach, the value of submaximal goblet squats frequently is basically mobility or there are strength gains also?

  11. Congrats Dan on the 200th episode! I've learned immensely from your wisdom and years of experience that you generously share here. Easy Strength profoundly changed my view of strength training. It even helped me with my mental health. It's been like an anchor in my chaotic days. A simple and easy workout that puts me in a good mood for the day and rewards me with results in the midterm. (BTW, every listener should have a copy of the book IMO)

    Good luck and looking froward to 300th episode!

  12. Congrats on 200! Your work is valuable and we all appreciate it.

  13. General rule, less KCs+strength training reduces fat75%, muscle25%, while more KCs+training increases muscle75%, fat25%. A few rounds of this can add decent muscle while reducing much fat.

  14. Congratulations Sir on the 200. Highly underrated channel with gems of wisdom. Thank you 🙏

  15. I alternated between two week’s swings, 2 weeks kb snatch for 20 each side with a 12kg for one of my rounds of easy strength. Was very doable 5x a week for me, because I had used the 28kg for my certification.

  16. 200 episodes is an accomplishment, but 200 quality, thoughtful episodes is the real mark.

  17. Congratulations on Podcast 200!

    For those who enjoy David Goggins, there is another great book along the same vein I'd recommend highly. "Warriors Creed" by former USMC Reconnaissance/ USAF Paraescueman Roger Sparks that provides another perspective for putting harsh experiences into perspective and learning to get comfortable being uncomfortable. I appreciate Sparks approach, and his book is full of wonderful physical fitness gems from the his experiences as a Recon Marine and PJ that would certainly make Dan smile. Nothing replaces seeking trained, certified, and experienced mental health professionals when faced with depression (or PTSD), however I feel "Warriors Creed" is one of two books that have really helped shape how I've been able to turn my traumatic experiences from deployments and the street into something much more manageable; both through fitness and just perspective. The other book was Sebastian Junger's "Tribe"

  18. Thanks, Dan. You and your team are the best.

  19. Congrats at reaching the 200 episode milestone. Thank you for all the work you put out ,for us gentle listeners, even while traveling.

    Let’s keep watching, lifting and learning.


  20. Congratulations but even more – thank you – no-one else has given me 200 gifts.

  21. Dan. Whatever you are doing keep it up. You look younger on episode 200 than you did episode 1.

  22. Congratulations on 200, and thanks for all you do, looking forward to the next 200

  23. Mr.John you often say that you were born to press and hinge, and that may be true ,but I also think you were born to teach/ coach.

  24. Outstanding conversation as always Dan.👍👍👍

  25. Drop BF and hold onto lean body mass as best you can.
    The Workout: 3×5 or 2×5 compound movements, the body needs to know you are still lifting heavy give the body a reason to hold on to the muscle.
    Dan is 100% correct you have to dial in the protein. Take the body weight you want to get to. Ex 200/2.2 = 90.90Kg x 1.5 -2.2 = 137-200 kg of protein, based on age the older you are the more protein you need has the body requires more protein to go through protein synthesis. Add vegetable and fruit.

  26. What do you mean by "double ski poles"? Is it walking with hiking poles and doing the strokes where you push off with both poles at each step?

  27. Congrats on the 200! You truly deserve a wider audience. Joe Rogan, if you are reading this…

  28. There are no new Fundamentals…that's what your channel has taught me.

  29. I have also investigating fat loss while building muscle. My conclusion is simlar: fat loss first. And aim for strength instead of building muscle. Eg. 30min walks with a 16kg kb woth various carries and tricks along the way. What do you think? Obviously the correct nutrition plan, rest and recover. Handstand push-ups:( I crawl

  30. Great answer toward David Goggins. Your Rock, Stay Hard!

  31. 200 dan 🙌 thanks for all you do for your followers and DJU community. We appreciate it all

  32. On hiking outside of resistance training something that worked incredibly well for me is nasal breathing and practicing relaxation at a similar heart rate range to hikes. I would do cardio machines (stair stepper/bikes/treadmill at incline) for 30 minutes to 1 hour at Zone 2/3 nasal breathing entire time and trying to relax, listening to instrumental music and not anything too high energy. Also did not use caffeine, and ate light before a session. Once I found that relaxation gear and could just trust my body under moderate strain without unneeded tension I just unlocked a lot of endurance.

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