Cute games to play when you’re bored (Pt. 2) -

Cute games to play when you’re bored (Pt. 2)

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  1. This picture gives memories when I was 9 and I had a phone I put it as my lock screen

  2. Tysm I downloaded this a week ago and now I’m obsessed

  3. Here’s another one bud create u can create an oc with ur style or try something new there’s also cute mini games

  4. Snack bar and suitU are good. Snack bar is a cute cat game where you level up your food stalls and suitU is a dress up social media game both are really goood

  5. I have one more if anyone would like to know, it's called boba story
    It's like a bunch of stuff but it becomes interesting gradually, thank u for ur time!

  6. I can't find it😭 but it looks so fun!

  7. i have one more game suggestions it’s kinda cute and stressing at the same time for me. which is magical girl critical i kinda recommend it because it’s kinda fun!

  8. A good recommendation is good pizza great pizza I think it’s called that game but it’s really fun and sometimes I get really mad frustrated but it’s super fun and worth playing. Also, some people do get rich but not me just because I’m pretty much broke in every single game I have because I just cannot do anything but for you, you might be like ultimate, rich or anything but super fun I love all the drama that happens and like is the best thing ever because you go up to competition but go to competition with a dude who apparently is better at making pizza, but you wouldn’t like getting really good sales and he’s jealous of that and I guess he leaves I don’t know just because I don’t really know but it’s a really good game. I recommend trying it and this game is not for everyone, but I would love to hear. How do you think about the game?

  9. Thanks but I can't download it cause I'm in oppo:(

  10. Yoooo the cactus pic is same as my wallpaper =D


  12. Karen Chase is the Good to play❤😊

  13. Where can I get the game i can't find it anywhere.

  14. 👨‍🍳👨‍🍳👨‍🍳👨‍🍳👨‍🍳

  15. Can you do scary games to play when your bored (I'm not scared)

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