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Combat Master: Polar Star Bundle

Alfa Bravo Inc
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New Polar Star Operator Bundle is now available!

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Hey there! Long awaited update is here… Please enjoy!
– Season 1 Battle Pass: 100 Tiers of incredible weapons are now live!
– Gunmods: set up your weapon attachments, grind camos and finish completionist challenges. This one will impress you!
– Bomb Plant and Arms Race — new game modes available!
– New maps: Egypt, Pool and Highrise.
– Assault rifles are here: SG-MCX, AK, and new smg VKTR!
– New killlchain — Minigun!
– Ziplines: more parkour, more trickshots!
– Stats screen: follow your progression like never before.
– Free Ukraine Supporter Bundle for everyone. Update now!

…The CombatZone is being declassified…

Join fast-paced action-packed combat. Play Combat Master — the ulimate FPS experience on your mobile. Best-in-class multiplayer gunfight. Next-level performance. And a whole lot more.
Whether you’re a tactical professional, or simply love the tactical aesthetic, Combat Master provides a shooter gameplay that focus on the quality and innovation you’re looking for.

The world’s fastest FPS on Mobile. Exceptional performance with outstanding AAA graphics.
– Lightning-speed loading time, get to action in seconds!
– Optimization for low-end and top-tier devices with various settings available for customization.
– Long playtime with no device heating and best battery life optimizations.

– No auto-fire, no aim-snap!
– No lootboxes, no money-pulling mechanics.
– No advertisiments. Completely Ads-free.
– No advantage for paying users, everyone’s equal.
– No “every-day update” downloads.

Fully customizable Controls and Interface.
Offline Mode.
Various Maps with vertical gameplay, close-quarter or ranged combat.

Super fast paced gunfight.
Parkour Jumps, Slides, Climbs.
Throwing Knives.
AAA-grade Animations.
Impressive Arsenal.

AAA-grade network tech with dedicated regional servers, low ping and optimized traffic usage.

Made by true enthusiasts with special love for firearms and gaming comunity. No corporates, we are building Combat Master together with you.

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See you in game! GL HF,
Alfa Bravo Inc Team


  1. I am facing a problem in the store. I installed the game on my device previously. The new update did not appear in the store. A message appears. This version no longer supports your device. I hope for a solution, even though I have a phone with medium capabilities.

  2. I Want This I MY Phone Combat Master Is Not There Please Avaible in My Phone

  3. This update is better but can you optimize 120fps

  4. Pleasesss alfa bravo fix the game i can not download combat master in jealous to other people can download it please fix it

  5. fix the movement of this game, you can mantle on everything and spamming slide makes u a movement god

  6. I just wanted you to solve my problem with the game not appearing in my play story, not to mention I can't play this wonderful game anymore it was good while it lasted 😔

  7. Oh sssshhuiiiiij that's a hand emoootee

  8. Almost best game in the world but can you optimize 120fps

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