Cloud Gaming For Free 2021 - All you need to know, no card needed -

Cloud Gaming For Free 2021 – All you need to know, no card needed

Cloud Gaming Xtreme
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Find out how to play over 80 games on cloud gaming services for free, yes 100% free, no credit card or payment details required. We cover how to set up free cloud gaming services and how to activate the free-to-play games to match the cloud services so you can get the most for the grand price of free. If we find any more ways to use cloud gaming services for free in 2021 you can be sure to find them on our channel.

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Google Stadia:
GeForce NOW:

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Intro: 0:00
Stadia Setup: 0:44
Stadia Pro Trial bypass: 1:25
Destiny 2: 2:00
Stadia Store: 2:24
Super Bomberman: 2:40
Stadia Direct Youtube Streaming: 2:58
GeForce NOW set up: 3:50
GeForce NOW FTP Games: 4:36
Game Claiming: 5:23
Rocket League Set up: 5:47
Warframe gotcha’s: 6:27
Apex Origin set up: 7:30
Origin Direct Twitch Streaming: 7:55
Final Thoughts: 9:25

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  1. Unfourtnately the destiny thing did not work for me, It redirected me to the "account page" and it redirected me to setup πŸ™ pls help I will sub

  2. Destiny runs on my 28gb laptop with stadia that’s crazy!

  3. sadly both of them arent supported in my country

  4. could'nt see the workaround where is it??

  5. π‘ͺ𝒂𝒍𝒂𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒂𝒔 says:


  6. this won't work, coz yt is run by same company & they prob learnt from it or no way

  7. Not true no card you need pay $1 for play 1 month and leater you pay $9,99

  8. Wait once the 1 hour session ends do u need to make a new geforce account?

  9. the google has changed the setting , now it doesn't work
    can you guide me pls

  10. how can i skip free trial at the end of the sign in

  11. Help pleaseee! Any free Cloud gaming ones for gta on rockstar games that i own

  12. you know the bypass are you sure they wont charge?

  13. i am begging my parents to buy better internet package instead of buying me a 1000-2000$ gaming computer, it saves lot of money

  14. if anyone noticed, with the google stadia one, he skiped ahead before he scrolled down from the free trial and changed the url back to the original, after he is logged in with his paid account. If you don't belive me watch the url change during 1:23 through 1:27. this guy is scamming for views lol.

  15. You earned a sub, this is awesome. Thank you for leaving the link in the comment… Much love…

  16. I did everything you did but when I went to click on a game it does not let me click on a game

  17. can you give me the link to watchdogs to play the game

  18. thank you bcs these bsers keep asking for cc like no im a kid

  19. Ahh i have a question ….. Before you made the cut to the "Home screen" Where did you go ? 1:21

  20. I rlly have wanted to play warzone on my pc for a long time but it is very low end so it can’t run it. Are there any streaming services where I can play warzone for free?

  21. Is Pokemon sword and shield and Cricket 19 there in any of this cloud games ?

  22. Please how can I pass the question to purchase stadia pro

  23. Rip my bandwidth I don't have broadband internet sad

  24. i live in a country that stadia dosent support and i really want to play Destiny 2 but i hav potato pc and when i tried it months ago it looks crap because i have to lower the graphics

  25. Can I play GTA 4 the complete edition on this cloud gaming? (I have GTA 4 on steam)

  26. I can't get past "checking your connection" in Stadia :/

  27. Can i play gta v with it ? In google stadia please answer

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