Chrome Downloads on Android How to Find and Use -

Chrome Downloads on Android How to Find and Use

Mike Downes
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Using Chrome or Chrome Beta on Android, then take a look at the Downloads area as that’s useful to find stuff you saved for later. Also, the brilliant way that’s categorised into: All, Pages, Video, Audio, Images, Documents and Other.

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You can run both Chrome and Chrome Beta on Android at the same time should you so wish – I do, yet favor Beta over regular Chrome.. more new features I guess.

Download a file help

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  1. Hi. I accidentally deleted downloaded videos on my android goggle chrome, how can I restore them?

  2. I regretted spoiling my data on u.I didn't got nothing

  3. Anong gawen kapag mabelis malobat ang phone ko ser

  4. I have a lot of downloads but I’ve never found them thank u ☺️

  5. The new update no longer has video as an option on that pop up bar, any ideas how to fix it? It was so much more convenient using chrome to play the downloaded video instead of opening another app to play it with.

  6. Thanx bro for this idea, i knw bt my mind is thinking diffrnt things so i cudnt focus on this way

  7. Thx bro,it worked. Simple explanation for u all: If u cannot open that apk,file,image etc. then u just go to ur downloads application it's a simple system app. So find it in ur phone or else go to your file manager and open the download file,both of these steps are same.So open your downloaded thing and see or install it. Tip:If u can't find these both application. Then install ZArchiever in playstore or appstore. Use it as your file manager. Hope it helped 😀

  8. Are you Grand Abbitt?
    Your voice hears familiar with him

  9. When I download videos it doesn't go into downloads anymore thank you for helping with this

  10. Can u plz show how to download videos in chrome plz plz I don't how to do it

  11. i want to know how to install file from chorme download

  12. Is there any way to open those files from file manager?
    please replay.

  13. How to delete them on the chrome installed in tv????


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