Chrome Downloads on Android How to Find and Use -

Chrome Downloads on Android How to Find and Use

Mike Downes
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Using Chrome or Chrome Beta on Android, then take a look at the Downloads area as that’s useful to find stuff you saved for later. Also, the brilliant way that’s categorised into: All, Pages, Video, Audio, Images, Documents and Other.

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You can run both Chrome and Chrome Beta on Android at the same time should you so wish – I do, yet favor Beta over regular Chrome.. more new features I guess.

Download a file help

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  1. I have doubt, I am up your subscriber
    I downloaded one web series episode from chrome and I want to play. How to play

  2. THANKs SO MUCh Im sooooo dumb it was that easy huh

  3. Thank you sooooo much bro really helped 😍😘😘😘

  4. Thank you now i can finally download my music and upload it

  5. Hey can u tell me how to get video back if deleted from here

  6. The only bad thing is google delets it attomatically every 10 days how do u fix it?????

  7. when i download some files and i pause will not disappear?

  8. Thanks this really works very helpful

  9. Thank you so much 🥺!!! This is the clearest tutorial ever !!

  10. Thanks for sharing godless stay safe always idol na ilabada na kita paki sampay nalang lods God bless

  11. How can I transfer my downloads without an SD card ?

  12. It didn't work to me. I still can't open files

  13. Thank you for this video I see may download thanks

  14. How can we download video from private fb group within good quality like 720p

  15. What the fk that's way it won't save thanks men I appreciate 👍👍👍

  16. Sir 🙏please tell me can i chrome downloads backup ? My documents are deleted.🙏 please help me sir

  17. Thanks dear appreciate ur Description

  18. I'd deleted the file permanently but whenever i will upload file' it still appears but it is deleted already and I can't find it' what can i do?

  19. Man of culture

    Pov: you search this because??? 😆

  20. Vai apni dhong koren? Nilojjo behaya chotolok 🙂

  21. What if you've reset chrome and the downloads were gone… Where or how to find it?

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