Chris Chan and Video Games, A Cwiki reading -

Chris Chan and Video Games, A Cwiki reading

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  1. 12:52 when I was a kid with my PS2 😂😂! Now you’re making me feel so old!😂😂😂

  2. I hate to say it but if you count the video games I've also bought my kids and I'm around the same age as chris I've probably spent more but I've also worked since I was 16 so I guess that's not as bad as chris

  3. 6:01 I thought the PS one had problems with overheating? Or maybe that was the original X-Box?

  4. Pardon me for sounding like an ass, but It's Sonic Spinball, and it came out in 11/23/1993. Chris Chan was 12 yrs. old at the time of getting that game along with some Star Trek game among other video game accessories using the $1,000 voucher he wonin a Sonic the Hedgehog "Watch & Win" Sweepstakes that promoted The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon at that time.

  5. You could not have picked a better thumbnail for the subject

  6. 10k into video games isnt that bad if your selling them to make money back For most collectors that's not that much

  7. I only have like 170 euros worth of games from Steam and I have played about half of them.

  8. 20:52 no it's not, there's two characters based on Reki's novels but the game is based on MMORPG games

  9. Speaking of Mario, has Chris Chan ever played a
    Mario game before? If he hasn't, then he's truly missing out.
    Then again, considering how much of a Sonic fanboy he is.
    I doubt he would give Mario a fair shot.

  10. I hate that he's played New Vegas, though i'm sure it was to complex for him. 😂

  11. You should do one for his pokemon or yugioh collection

  12. I wish my house into small video console museum only i had is old PS2 Wii gone i had 3ds now switch

  13. What about AVGN Jon tron and their ilk?

  14. Chris Chan: The Poster Bastard for why you should touch grass outside

  15. To be fair I have an extremely large CD collection that I started almost 40 years ago when I was 13.

    I have about 2000 albums in my collection and I couldn't even begin to guess how much money I've spent on it since I was a kid, but the big difference is that every single one of my albums is digitized in my ITunes (190.000+ songs on a 6TB external SSD drive) and the overall purpose of the collection is too create discographies that are as complete as possible for each artist I choose to collect the material of so I go out of my way to get my hands on stuff that is hard to find over here in north america.

    But big difference between me and chris is:

    I spend money that I earn at an actual job that provides me with a comfortable enough income that I can afford to splash out on the albums I buy after I cover my monthly living expenses, and I'm careful about waiting to get things that I want at as reasonable a price as possible, there's at least half a dozen albums that I waited on buying for 15 years because I know that just because something is "rare" right now doesn't mean that someone isn't going to buy a job lot of unsold stock from a record store that just closed down and isn't going to find a shipping box with a few hundred forgotten unsold copies that particular album at some point in the future.

    Chris on the other hand just buys shit that tickles his fancy whenever he's on the PSN or at a store that sells video games using money that he didn't earn, and he's willing to spend with reckless abandon because he just has to have the ultra deluxe $300 versions of the ones he buys.

  16. It was ps3 he went thru. Trolls told him the wifi antenna was a bug they put in to steel his passwords and such. And another time he wiped the hard drive and then smashed it with a brick to claim a 9k bounty trolls put on his play station. Surprise surprise they never paid. They told him to wait at a spot and a women with a pickel tattoo on her tit would pay him. Course he waited for her😂😂😂

  17. 5:22 Chris has an Xbox I think Siri's X but I'm not 100% sure but I know he has a Xbox One.

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