Chat Distracts Me From Beating BeamNG Scenarios -

Chat Distracts Me From Beating BeamNG Scenarios

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The last BeamNG Scenarios before the speedrun

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  1. The longer this stream got, the more valuable and emotion it was. It has brought many laughs and tears as well as vaporizing into my core memory. From this phenomenal experience, I will never forgive how Muye could be such an astonishing human being!

  2. just got a notification I was gifted a membership, thanks

  3. How could we never know this was going to be a Maid Stream

  4. hey i have just finish watching one of your videos

  5. im so proud of myself that i didnt missed the maid stream

  6. i watched the whole stream but blacked out on the last 5 minutes. you said your Jazz has steering issues, it could be the steering wheel and its column but that usually never happens unless after a crash. the more common thing is that the wheels got off set and need new alignment. to be specific, your tow angles might be off balance on one side. car repair shops can align it with in a hour and normally it isnt that expensive

  7. MuYe are you italian? Because Im italian

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