Can you spot the fake geometry dash?(really hard) -

Can you spot the fake geometry dash?(really hard)

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  1. They are both geometry dash… you just put 2 of them in a folder…

  2. both are real because i can do that too

  3. it’s the same cause I know you did that trick;)

  4. 2nd is fake bc the square is too small

  5. None are fake there is a glitch that you can duplicate a app

  6. Stop you can’t trick me but you can give me a treat both are fake

  7. Right one is the fake Thoose Who also think right one is fake

  8. Right is lite version left is normal?

  9. I think one is the mod and another one is a normal game so no clue finding it

  10. I'm 99% sure they are both fake because the game is called geometry dash not geometry…

  11. The one on the left is fake because the one on the right i can tell that its real because 1. Its down and 2. I can tell because i know my geometry dashes

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