Can you beat Battle for Middle Earth using only Peasants? -

Can you beat Battle for Middle Earth using only Peasants?

Admiral Iddy
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With the success of my first BFME video let’s try another! Can I beat the whole good campaign on Hard with only the humble peasantry? There will be lots of blood, come on peasants we must rise up and fight!

Apologies for low quality, footage gathered directly from stream and YT only allows 720p downloads unless I get dat premiums.

Would have been out earlier but the copyright gods spanked me.

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0:00 intro
02:50 Run Start
05:12 Eaves of Fangorn
07:12 Helms Deep
12:07 Ithilien
13:45 Osgiliath/Cirith Ungol
17:12 Minas Tirith/Dagorlad
20:58 Black Gate
27:23 In Memoriam and Outro


  1. I got copyright struck THREE times trying to upload this, and after it passed the check got struck again, so apologies for the awkward ass stock music that pops up near the in memoriam! alas hope you enjoy the rest of the video!

  2. Glad to see another one on this game. Thoroughly enjoyed your commentary on the unusual approaches to a heavily under-remembered game

  3. Finally an adaptation of the helms deep book fight from LotR D:

    I like the elven version more though 😛

  4. "This victory will long be remembered" yes indeed it will.


    What a legend. Apparently good cardio is all that's needed to defeat a horde of orcs.

  6. I love these BFME videos! So entertaining!

  7. we found a witch me lord, can we burn her?
    Off I go, then!
    more work?
    Help! Help! I'm being repressed!

  8. 1 hero slaying 50 orcs? i sleep
    3 peasants slaying 1 orc? oh yea, its gaming time

  9. This was a good follow up. I like this game.
    Could you do a challenge for the evil campaign next?

  10. This is such an underated youtuber, tf I found a gem

  11. Man they really gotta do a remake/remaster or do a re-release of BFME 1& 2 for modern PCs. That or put out a 3rd game!

  12. "footage gathered directly from stream and YT only allows 720p downloads unless I get dat premiums."

    Why aren't you just simply using JDownloader? That is what I am using to download my own videos… in 2K.

  13. Beautiful.
    It's very poetic how close that ending was to the original's story: A humble little being againts impossible odds, saves the day with their courage and a honest heart.

  14. 12:30 Bruh what game you playing where HARADRIM are a joke? Them fuckers have some of the nuttiest damage ive ever seen!

  15. And neath the misty mountain Karl returned to his plot satisfied in the victory, saddened by the loss of those who bravely stood and fell by his side and proud to know his cause was good.

  16. beat battle for middle earth, with only range units

  17. Rock-Paper-Scissor system of good RTS isn't about what kills what, but what is cost effective against what. There are a dozen of statistics that define how well units scale with numbers as whenever unit has range, what range is, whenever attacks have projectile or are hitscan, whenever attacks are smart about overkil/targetting etc.

    Games that are melee-focused and/or squad based often have troubles with that, as things like melee surrodinings/concaves or blocking of enemy movement doesn't really happen.

  18. Here I am to help 😂❤… Thank you for the video. It was entertaining😂😂

  19. Yet another fun vid from the Admiral!

  20. Well done!

    Spoiler for you since you seem to like to use exploits to make your life easier:

    In the normal missions, the opponent receives an army at their base based on what units you started the mission with. Essentially, it tries to have some counter units ready so it’s not that easy to simply start with a huge army and wipe out the opponent in two minutes. If you ever tried to play with only Mumakils, you know that a huge army of fire arrow archers awaits you. In the same way, if you start with a lot of infantry, trolls will be ready to feast on them.
    If you don’t want to fight against a camp with a lot of trolls, you can suicide your peasants at the end of the previous mission.

  21. Funny how this victory goes to the spirit of Tolkien of the humble doing great things. Long live Carl!

  22. Hahaha! One cardio peasent to rule them all

  23. – You can't defeat me
    – I know, but Karl can

  24. When are you beating Warcraft with only peasants?

  25. Absurd situations like that ending are exactly why I love challenge videos so much.

  26. It makes kind of sense that the nazgul time out: they were sent to mount Doom when Frodo put on the ring.

  27. I still wanna see a run with Easterlings only

  28. We were all rooting for Carl at the end 🙌🙌

  29. Yeah okay, not bad…
    But what about beating Battle for the Middle-Earth deathless using only peasants ?

  30. This takes me back. A core memory of mine is playing the Helm's Deep mission and thinking it'd give me a pre-made cavalry army for reinforcements. But nope! It was my meme army with nothing but geared up peasants.

  31. Carl went back to his farm. Followed by a conga line of orcs all the way.

  32. Are you going to try with orc warrior and Uruk-hai swordsmen?

  33. 25:30 imdb 11/10

    Jokes aside thank you i had so much fun watching the whole thing haha

  34. Man, Karl the peasant has to be that guy who looks like nothing but is secretly a top level athlete to outrun an army of monsters like that.

  35. Beautiful deathless run, one unit type to rule them all
    If only the peasants in BFME could get upgrades like Spanish villagers in AoE2 xD

  36. Throwing throngs of untrained peasants against hordes of orks? This should have been called "Can you beat Battle for Middle Earth using Ukrainian Armed Forces tactics"

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