Can We Talk About This? Roguelikes -

Can We Talk About This? Roguelikes

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  1. Love to see Gunfire reborn getting love!❤️

  2. I really like how the difficulty works in roguelikes, especially the ones with permanent upgrades. The fact that your character will be just slightly more powerful every run means that when you do end up beating the final boss you probably had the most challenging yet perfectly balanced experience for your specific skill level at the time. And you don't even need a difficulty option for that, it's just built into the game.

    I think the hard part about designing a roguelike (difficulty wise) is like, how do you make the game continue to be challenging once you've beaten it? Because once you've beaten a roguelike once, the permanent progression system will have the opposite effect as before. The game gets easier and easier every run while you get better and better at it, meaning you will stray further and further away from that optimal difficulty level you just experienced. The best roguelikes have creative ways of solving this problem I think.

  3. Hades is good dont get me wrong.
    But aint no roguelike

  4. This is an amazing video, and gunfire reborn looks really fun! Too bad I have a friend group that would bully me for suggesting it 🥲

  5. 0:33 coulda any story driven/exploration game (like outer wilds or detroit)
    and you fr had to pick dmc5, y'know, the same game that encourages you to juggle the enemies balls? and gives you a horde mode after the credits? 😐

    anyways my "🤓" moment is done, great video otherwise

  6. The fact that you can add an update to a roguelike, making a new zone, endboss or items and it gives it like much more replayability is insane, roguelikes always kill it when they add that new extra dlc that literally shifts everything upside down and now you gotta do it all over.

  7. Roguelikes fucking suck and I'm sick of them. They're cheap, meaningless content machines. Procedural generation and permadeath are the cheapest shortcuts in game design. Building actual, well designed levels is half of what makes a good game and roguelikes don't even bother. Permadeath only exists to artificially extend game time. Even when a roguelike is good or even great, like Risk of Rain 2, they would be better if they weren't roguelike.
    We already have literally millions of roguelikes. Anyone can make them. They're easy, they're cheap, they're LAZY. Every game designer's first game is a goddamn roguelike.

  8. A classic that often gets overlooked is Nuclear Throne. Genuinely one of the better true-to-formula roguelikes I’ve ever played. Super fast paced, difficult, satisfying to play, and no two runs ever feel the same. (Unless you’re playing as melting and die immediately on level 1)


  10. I completely believe that Gunfire Reborn is the best video game to have ever been released, it's so amazing. Great vid skooch.

  11. That ad joke was so on point! Literal ad on YouTube right after lol 😂

  12. Dead Cells changed the way I view games forever.

  13. Александър Македонски says:

    Isn't a roguelite like a roguelike, but with a bit of progress kept? I thought they are like 2 very similar, yet different genres

  14. Is it possible we are allm playing a rogue-like rn?

  15. Ironically, league just made a roguelike for sylas. I've only played two roguelikes (mostly due to either not having a system they're on or Laptop being too weak.). Nuclear Throne, to which I had to wait till it was on switch to try it, and the recent one, Mageseeker.

  16. Risk of Rain 2 has become a huge favorite of my gaming friend group for exactly the reasons you shared here. All the legendary replayability, humility, jokes, personality, and just heart poured into most indie roguelikes, coupled with the chaotic antics of some of my favorite people all throwing shit at a wall together, nothing comes close. It feels like what oldschool tabletop dungeon crawlers' player characters experience, but it can be any time 4 people have an hour or two to spend fucking around and becoming god instead of having to meet every Thursday at 6pm for a year to reach that point.

  17. I've played a lot of Rougelikes in my life, and Noita is the best by far. Shame it's not as popular as it should be

  18. Its me. I am the one freaking out about mavis beacon teaches typing lmao. My dad and I both used it when i was a kid. I was awful at it but the games on it were fun.

  19. I play risk of rain 2 nosed with a friend in a regular basis.

  20. I subbed because you mentioned Tomba! Also.. big roguelike fan too lol.

  21. Fantastic video, but it’s a shame to see Forspoken continuously used as a punching bag. When not compared to other games, it’s actually really fun and pulls off a great job at being a mindless satisfying game ;-;

  22. Roque like= perma death and starting with the same stats

    Roque lite= same concept but after death you’ll be able to ‘upgrade’ your character, like in the mirror from Hades.

  23. With this amount of jokes i feel this video is a new genre of roguelike

  24. Risk of rain 2 does the same thing with multiplayer but it goes like complet crazy shitfest and that’s funny

  25. 1:17 My dude… The only way that math is mathin' is if you spent only 4 hours a day sleeping. At best. Did you Eat?! Did you have a bathroom?!

  26. Thank you for the original and fresh content. I've been pretty burnt out from YouTube so this is a welcome breath of air. If NakeyJakey and Drew Gooden had a baby, this would be the video 😁

  27. Play some classic styled ones like Sil (Based on the Mines of Moria roguelike), Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (really good fantasy based roguelike with a lot of races), Infra Arcana (Lovecraft fear meter based system), Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (zombie apocalypse sim roguelike), Caves of Qud (a very good sci-fi roguelike with a deep system). There's learning curves of course but if you simply dedicate like a day to learning the controls of all the key inputs it becomes second nature and you're going to wish a lot of games had this amount of depth because what the key inputs allow to happen. The key inputs allow for having massive amounts of options that you can have access to at a simple press of a key. I actually recommend picking one of these classic styled games and making a video about the depth of the learning curve or how crazy deep the gameplay is with these games. They're amazing games to just relax to because of the turn based nature of it and offers chess like moments of over thinking your next move to survive your runs. Super awesome stuff.

  28. Finally someone who gets it !! Roguelikes are my favorite games.. Even asking myself what was my favorite roguelike was a challenge in itself lol.
    If someone reading my comment is wondering where to start if they want to try one , I would recommend Risk of Rain 2 or Project Zomboid ( which is master piece. If you are a big brain person <3 im not )

  29. 0:49 Basically my feeling when I've beaten my first Slay the Spire run, and wondered why it didn't end up with my killing the Heart of the Spire…

    Like seriously, i have a massive catalog of games on ps plus, including triple a games, and even have exclusives like God of War AND MOTHERFUCKING BLOODBORNE! Yet most of my play time in the ps4 is Slay the Spire… and when I'm not playing it, I'm just using the ps4 to watch videos on my tv. The only other game I'm even considering playing on my ps4 is Curse of the Dead Gods…. WHICH IS ANOTHER ROGUELIKE although in a style more similar to Hades apparently.

  30. 200 hours is light work i js hit 1000 not too long ago

  31. I'm not even going to watch this because i guarantee you're not talking about actual roguelikes but rather rogue lites and even that term grates.

  32. Watching this video while playing a rougelike

  33. as someone with 900 hours on BOI yeah i like rougelikes too

  34. I've been playing roguelikes for years, and have tried just about every single one that you suggested. They legitimally might be my favorite genre of games. A very interesting thing that you didn't know, was non roguelike games adding in roguelike elements. A couple months ago, Hitman 3 added a roguelike mode.

  35. If you are looking for other AAA rougelikes, I can highly recommend the Prey Mooncrash DLC.


  37. Shocker another person shitting on forspoken while using trailer and pre release footage cause they've never actually played it themselves

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