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BUILT-IN CHEAT CODES, No Downloads – Stronghold Crusader

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WATCH UNTIL THE END BEFORE TRYING (You can watch this video before trying)
How to backup save files:

And also, my game version is 1.41 + I’m also using UCP (Don’t think it affects anything)

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  1. ⚠ IT WORKED FOR ME ⚠the gold hack, free building, and everything else😉

  2. It works !! Just like in the clip, follow the indications

  3. I use cheats for Stronghold Crusader Extreme, because so many troops attacking my castle

  4. Can anyone tell me about how to install this game in laptop ۔ Amazing game with my childhood memories ۔After 10 year i want to Play this game in laptop

  5. do you know how to install crusaders on windows 11?

  6. I don't know if I'll try it, but good to know. Nice video!

  7. Do u really think anybody cares about cheating in a 20 year old game XD

  8. I thought there are only cheat codes in Stronghold 1.

  9. If you use that code ctrl triblade2002. It will give you the max amount of money the game will let you have. After entering the code. Go to the game you want to play and press alt x. You will see your gold growing fast. You can stop and just use what you want or take it all the way up until it stops

  10. the only in-game cheat u can activate in game is ALT + X (Gives 100 popularity and some gold)
    for ALT + X and ALT + K, type it in main menu
    (if the ALT + K is not working, go back to main menu and type ALT + F or repeat typing ALT + K, it happens to me sometimes)

  11. For people who still playing this game, i just want to say that you guys are amazing.
    Hope we can play together and build castle against the wolf 😁

  12. The last best trainer for Stronghold Crusader was DevianceMyth +27 for version 1.1

  13. If you watch this and got a feeling 'I guess I'm too old now"

    You not alone 😂😂

  14. I mean isn't every building free when you have infinite gold 😀

  15. LOL . I know this cheat code but if you want more check this👇👇👇👇

    First, open the enable cheat mode by going to the main menu, pressing and holding

    the CTRL key, and typing TRIBLADE2002. While playing, enter any of the following

    codes for enhanced gameplay.

    Code Effect


    ALT + X – Increases popularity by 100 and money by 1000.

    ALT + C – Cycle characters or unlocks all missions.

    ALT + K – Destroy enemy fortress.

    ALT + Z – Destroy selected enemy.

    ALT + G – Destroy main stronghold.

    ALT + D – Engage debug mode.

    ALT + P – Increase character’s level.

    ALT + F – Upgrades and purchases become free.

    ALT + S – Time shift.

    ALT + Q – Time compression engaged.

    ALT + Y – All enemies on screen turn into butt sauce.

  16. Using these cheats.. I am now just grinding up the Skirmish levels in quick succession.. out of the 80 levels, as of now, I’m up to 36 completed. Only started playing this game at the end of last month.

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