Bloons Td 6: How To Install Mods On Btd6 (Updated) -

Bloons Td 6: How To Install Mods On Btd6 (Updated)

H2K Titan
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What’s going on doods, in today’s video I will be showing you guys how to install mods on bloons td 6. Also I will be showing you guys where to get mods for btd6 as well. For this guide I will be showing you guys a basic guide for installing mods on btd6.

Links For Video
Melon Loader:

Nexus Mods:

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Notice: Be very careful installing mods no matter what game you decide to play, make sure you have anti-virus software that is up to date.

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  1. i accidently deleted the unity plater dll anyone know how to get it back

  2. Yo so I can’t get a place towers anywhere mod

  3. I did everything you told me to and it didn’t work

  4. How do you install the ultimate crosspath mod

  5. i think thats a bit more than double projectiles

  6. How can i do this if i bought btd6 on microsoft store

  7. what happens when you press play and nothing happens

  8. For some reason it just doesn't load the mods
    Any ideas why that may be?

  9. i have tried so many times stilll wont work

  10. Hey H2K it says no compatible layers found can you please help me out with it. This is my first time ever getting mods that would be a great help !

  11. hey, thx for the vid it help a lot, but i am not sure if i am stupid and did something wrong or what. but i got an infinite money thing and it dont work. is it fake or and i stupid? (EDIT:) my thing say no mods loaded from an error

  12. wow its already outdated
    i literally cant click on melonloader the same way you do
    i hate life
    nvm its just my pc thats bad and takes way too much work and effort to do

  13. it says no mods loaded in the clack thing that has code

  14. when I add version dll in my BTD 6 folder the game crashes any help?

  15. It was easier than the other one I watched but it's still to hard.

  16. BTW inf monkey knowledge doesnt work

  17. melon loader wont uninstall for me

    and i dont know what to do

    please make a video or something

  18. Question, why do you need an outside app, shouldn't you be able to put it into the game code yourself?

  19. u hacked my computer i know it h2k titan u made melon loader i'm reporting u don't download melon loader

  20. I followed the steps to download but now btd6 wont open.

  21. it wont let me un install melon loader, and when i launch btd6 with melon loader and no mods it says im on a modded client, i re open melon loader and there is no uninstall thing.

  22. pls help me guys when i use the ultimate cross path mode after the meon loader loads and starts the game the game crushes pls help 🙁

  23. When I nodded btd6 it stopped saving the progress when I play so I was wondering if it was supposed to do that or not.

    EDIT: I’ve now realized that Nina kiwi made this change and I’m so mad rn

  24. H2K Titan i have a question or for anyone out there what if you wanna mess around with your friends in co-op with mods will u get banned that way or no???

  25. what program do i replace the outdated one gurren core with?

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