Block ALL Ads On Games, Apps And Websites On iPhone & iPad - NO Jailbreak -

Block ALL Ads On Games, Apps And Websites On iPhone & iPad – NO Jailbreak

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Block ads on games, apps and websites on iPhone and iPad on iOS 9.3 – iOS 10.2 with iCareFone Pro.

Does NOT work on YouTube App.

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  1. The free one in the description is a photo app

  2. Nice tip but app in purchases that’s boring bruh

  3. U have to pay for it bruh🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂

  4. Im search Icarephone in App Store but you purchase you said is free

  5. First of all you need to pay 10 dollars so stop telling lies

  6. That’s so useless what was the name of it

  7. Dude that app cost money this video is shit fucking usless

  8. Old iPad mini does not work, not compatible with any Ad blockers to watch YouTube videos. Won't recognize new WiFi or reset passwords either, need the previous old passwords that was working before but was forgotten in the first place. Thus couldn't reset to factory condition. Not buying a new expensive iPad, had enough problems with it.

  9. I have an i phone 11 and it doesnt work its bull crap its a waste of money

  10. These comments cannot be more obvious that they're forged.

  11. Oh great not available in my country thanks but no thanks..fml

  12. lol easy i thinks 100000000000000000000000 peoples downlowd it cuz Add or anoiying


  14. finally i can play kick the buddy without ADS IN MY FACE EVERY WEAPON I PICK!

  15. them I don't find this app on the store so 😐

  16. I dont have apple tech 🙁 and its not on android

  17. just download blockada its available in android i dont know about ios tho


  19. this is bullshit it doesnt remove ads in app
    wasted 10€ for this bullshit

  20. … Damn it doesn't exist in Norway google play store…

  21. 2.3 out of 5 on App Store, pretty sure this doesn’t work, don’t waste your money

  22. I hate ads but finally they are gone so we can play games in peace

  23. Can you still get the "rewards" in game for watching the ads?

  24. Just downloaded and it doesn't work. What a waste of money.

  25. Don’t waste your money & time .. I’ve tried it, it didn’t work at all .. just assholes 👎🏼👎🏼

  26. You are right bro super knowing he gets on my nerves so bad I just get mad

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